Client Testimonial: Ronnie and Charlotte Howell

Have you ever gone to get a haircut expecting to leave looking like your favorite celebrity, but left with something you couldn’t wait to grow out? You expected the hairdresser to be knowledgeable and up to date on the latest designs, but without a picture to show, you might as well be at the dog groomers. Many of our customers come to Leland’s Cabins in the same way. They know what they want, but they need a professional to put a plan in place Ronnie and Charlotte Howell came to our showroom without a picture in hand, but our [...]

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Choosing your Cabin Builder – CUSTOM BUILT VS. COOKIE CUTTER

Here at Leland’s Cabins, we like cookies as much as the next guy. Shortbread, chocolate chip, oatmeal. We’ll enjoy a plate of them all. We like them so much that we often have them freshly baked for you to enjoy during your visit to our showroom! But what we’re not about is cookie cutters for everyone—meaning products made to look exactly the same and lacking individuality. We work with When you work with a prefab cabin builder like Leland’s, we encourage you to put your individual imprint on your designs. After all, our mission is to build the cabin of [...]

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Nicole’s Place is Saving Lives to Our Own Texas Backyard

Growing up in the eighties and early nineties I remember when milk cartons were used to help find missing children. Back then, picky children were reminded of the starving children in Ethiopia every night at dinner. It’s also when street corners were first occupied with people holding signs that said, “Will work for food.” Some of those people even made it into the pages of my high school yearbook because it had become such a phenomenon. The kids of my generation grew up accustomed to suffering around us. We were conditioned to raise support for causes and to give [...]

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Fireworks, BBQ and Making a Real Difference: A Safe Harbor for Survivors of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

As I look forward to celebrating our nation’s independence, I am compelled this year to do more than just BBQ, soak up the sun and go to bed after watching an extravaganza of fireworks. A fire has been sparked in me for something more. With summer in full bloom as evidenced by the children playing outside, I enjoy the sounds of their carefree laughter. It is the sweetest sound of freedom, but it is a freedom that is being taken away from a growing number of our country’s children. Sex trafficking is no longer something that happens in other [...]

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Caring for Your Cabin Floors

Choosing the right flooring is one of the best ways to add a personalized ambiance to your cabin,but because floors are often the highest-wearing part of your space, it’s important to understand your options for material, finish, and care. Understanding the choices you make when it comes to flooring can help to give you the peace of mind and assurance you look for when making decisions that you hope will stand the test of time. At Leland’s we offer three main flooring types, each of which comes in various colors. Our first option is Elements Laminate flooring collection [...]

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Lemon Rosemary Marinade

When it comes to gardening I can’t even keep cactus alive. I use to joke that I have spiritual plants that often go on fasts because I’d forget to water them. But I am a health nut who loves when I experience bites that excite my tastebuds with flavors that can only come from fresh herbs.All those jars of dried and crushed seasoning that’s been sitting in my cabinet since they were gifted to me at my wedding cannot compare to a fresh mint leaf in an ice-cold glass of lemonade, fresh squeezed of course. With spring in the [...]

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Making a House a Home

By  Guest Blogger, Rebecca Gates Having been a wife for nearly twenty years one might assume that by now I would have my house dialed in and looking as though a professional had placed perfectly every piece of furniture and nic nac. It was definitely my goal to have our house looking like a home by the time we celebrated our first anniversary. Unfortunately, I married a rare gem who has opinions about such things as bedding. We slept with nothing but sheets and throw blankets for the first six months of marriage because my husband didn’t like anything [...]

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The Key to an Orderly Closet

By Guest Blogger, Rebecca Gates When I was a child I was terrified of the closet. I'd lay in bed with one eye peeking out from under my covers watching for any sign of movement because I was convinced there were monsters waiting to attack the minute I turned my back. Now that I'm older I'm terrified of my closets for the monstrosity that lies in wait to pounce on me the minute I open the door. Lurking in the dark is a mess so grotesque that it causes me to dread my favorite season of the year because [...]

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Decorating Your Loft Space

Decorating Your Loft Space Whether you’re a tiny home enthusiast or AirBnB aficionado, you know that the best way to maximize your space is with a loft. With the seemingly boundless opportunities for creative use of space, these ladder-accessible nooks offer much-needed privacy and a chance to decorate the getaway of your dreams. Despite their small appearance, the loft’s versatility is mighty. If you’re considering getting one of Leland’s Cabins for you and your spouse to live in full-time or as a summer getaway, these nooks make a great bedroom. With about 4’ of headroom, airy wall [...]

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Love is Kind. Love is Gentle.

Christmas was barely over and I began to see red! It’s hard not to be a little angry when Valentine’s Day is being pushed on us as prematurely as marriage was at every family event I went to in my twenties. I started noticing red hearts at every store by January first! The pressure to express our perfect love to our family before we have even gotten around to taking down the Christmas tree is unreal. And yet it still got me thinking about filling my home with the sent of fresh, red, velvety roses on the entry way [...]

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