Customizable Prefab Cabin

You know what you want, but you’re having a hard time finding it. A customizable prefab cabin doesn’t seem to be in the vocabulary of the cabin builders you’ve spoken with. But don’t worry, Leland’s Cabins has you covered.

We rarely build the same exact cabin twice, and we perform each build here at our headquarters in Grandview, Texas. We build prefab cabins because it gives us greater control over the quality and the cost involved, which is important to us and to our customers. Helping our customers get the most bang for their buck is one of our biggest commitments and points of pride.

The “prefab” part of our cabins doesn’t limit any of your options that come with a custom build. We make sure every customer has the opportunity to customize their choice in cabin before we begin. That means you’ll be the one to determine exactly what your cabin will look like when it’s all done.

What does that customization process involve?

Customization Choices

To start, we offer a wide range of floor plans. You can choose one of our existing floor plans, or you can choose to customize your cabin beginning with the basics. Maybe you really like the layout options with The Lodge, but you’d prefer the front to include the look of our Settlement Harbor cabin. We can make that happen.

Each prefab log cabin has layout options you can view on our website. And once you’ve picked the cabin and layout you’d prefer, you can get on to the other options. What are those? Namely, you can choose the exterior finish and look, and whether you’d like a porch or no porch before moving to the options for the interior. Let’s look at the exterior options a little more before we step indoors.

Exterior Look of Your Cabin

You can choose from our three recommended options: LP Smart Panel siding, LP Smart Lap, or 8-inch split cedar logs. Each has its own distinct look, and you’ll know on sight which one is right for the look and feel you want to achieve with your cabin. You can see the options in person at our Grandview cabin supercenter, home to the largest cabin showroom in Texas.

While you’re there, you can take a look at some of the other exterior options, such as a wrap-around porch. We can add a custom porch or deck to your cabin so it’s ready for evenings outside enjoying the sunset and early mornings with a cup of coffee.

After you have the exterior options nailed down, you can focus on what’s inside. Specifically, we even provide options for insulation and wall finishes.

Wall Finishes

From our Ponderosa pine to painted wood or white pine, your cabin will have character and polish no matter which you choose. If you select a natural wood finish, we protect the wood with a clear coat finish. If you’d like to change it up a bit, we offer Homestead Deluxe finishes.

And when you’re considering what to do with the walls, don’t forget about the ceiling! You can choose a corrugated metal with rope accents for the ceilings for a rustic, cabin-in-the-woods feel. Or you can go with a painted wood or white pine. Whatever fits your vision, we can do.


Our flooring options are all well-made and durable. You can’t choose incorrectly. We offer a Brazilian walnut laminate as well as wood plank options. If you need a little help deciding which might be better for you, take a look at the pros and cons of laminate vs. wood flooring.


It’s always wise to consider your cabinets as you pick your flooring. The two can complement each other well when coordinated. And our cabinets are all handcrafted quality. They’re a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

From light to dark and in between, our cabinets are ready to add style and classic beauty to your cabin’s kitchen.

Texas Log Homes

There are many options for customization with every step in the process of ordering your custom prefab cabin. Owning a Texas log home built by Leland’s Cabins means owning a cabin manufactured with the true independent spirit Texas is known for. Come by for a visit.