Your Cabin Home

The leaves are changing. The temperatures are dropping just enough that you can bring out the warm, cozy, comfy clothes you love. And the air is filled with something different. Nature is changing directions, not slowing down, and shedding what it doesn’t need for what comes next.

To take it all in and enjoy the most of this new season, you need a cabin home. A manufactured log cabin in the woods where you can go to escape and revel in the changing colors and cooler temps. Somewhere you can take those walks and sit on the porch and read a book for hours with no interruptions. The only sound-disruption comes from the nearby wildlife as critters build their winter supply of food stores.

You need your own cabin home because the dividends are priceless, paying you in peace and relaxation.

Do you need more of a reason to visit Leland’s Cabins and pick out your cabin? Here are 5 more, just in case.

1. You need a place where you can take a break all year round.

While fall is a beautiful time of year, so are spring, summer, and winter. And what’s more beautiful than knowing you have your own cabin home to go to whenever you need a break from everything life is throwing at you?

2. You’ll save money on trips if you’re going to your cabin instead.

Getaways are great. You’ve taken your share of them. But you aren’t getting away as often as you’d like because, well…because money doesn’t grow on trees. Even if you stick close to home and drive to your destination, you still have the cost of lodging, food, and any activities.

With a cabin of your own, you can eliminate the cost of lodging and greatly reduce the cost of food because you can bring your own groceries.

Having your own cabin for getaways is especially helpful for those on a restricted diet. You’ll never have to wonder what’s in the food when you can bring your own and prepare it.

3. You’ll make the introvert in your life especially happy.

A quiet place to recharge where you don’t have to interact with anyone you don’t choose to bring along with you? Sign up the introvert in your life.

Maybe you’re the introverted one. And a quiet getaway without the hassle of dealing with people in any way, shape, or form (except for those you bring, of course) sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

You can go alone and write that project you’ve been itching to get started on. Or read the pile of books that you’ve accumulated. Or take that hike and enjoy some sun on your skin to go with the peace and quiet surrounding you.

Recharging so you can flip the switch and interact with all the people you need to on a regular basis is necessary. Do it in style with your own cabin.

4. You have the cabin, now write the novel.

Introvert or extrovert, most of us have seriously considered writing a book at some point in our lives.

Whether you’re a die-hard dreamer with fiction coming out your ears or an industry professional with a lot to add to your field in the way of ideas and proven techniques, you need a place where you can give yourself permission to focus on writing. Your very own cabin can be just that.

Having a dedicated space where you can write will help your self-discipline too. It’s like sending a signal to your brain to get to work on writing, whether you’re physically writing (or typing) at that exact moment or not. Your cabin will be a place where you finally get to check off another item on your bucket list.

Accomplishing the goals we’ve set for ourselves is important to our overall happiness. So that means your cabin is…  

5. It’s an investment in your happiness.

Our society talks a lot about self-care and prioritizing the things that make us happiest. But sadly, sometimes all we do is talk about it. We don’t often follow through.

All the reasons that hold us back—the financial investment, the time investment, there are those less fortunate we should be helping first—are valid reasons. But how are you going to make a commitment to take care of yourself first so you can better care for others? So you can focus your time, finances, and energy on the other causes and things that matter most to you?

Invest in your happiness. What flows from that investment will be richer and fuller than anything else you could have done. You won’t need to push through and risk burnout. Instead, you’ll be working and striving and serving from a heart full and soul refreshed. You’ll make more of an impact.

Giving yourself permission to recognize and fulfill your own needs is a powerful thing. It will change how you approach situations and your fellow humans. Don’t discount it because it feels selfish. Instead, think of how much more you’ll be able to give others if you’re giving from a place of contentment, fullness, and happiness.

Choosing Your Cabin Home

There are so many reasons to have a cabin of your own. We at Leland’s Cabins are hopeful that no matter what you decide on your cabin, that you are finding ways to care for yourself and follow your own dreams and passions.

If you choose us to help you with your cabin home, we will be honored to work with you throughout the process. Give us a call or come visit the largest cabin showroom in Texas at our Grandview location. We will see you there.