A Getaway to Your Manufactured Log Cabin

The end of summer is upon you. It happens every year, and every year you swear it happened even quicker this year. Every summer, you get caught up in something. And before you know it, you’ve missed your chance to book that summer getaway.

Who says you have to keep on repeating the same pattern? You can change it up, and you can do it before next summer. Start a new tradition with an end-of-summer getaway to your very own cabin. No need to book a stay somewhere when you own the place. And besides, it’ll give you a good excuse for more getaways all year round.


Do you really have time to get your own cabin before Halloween hits? The answer is yes, if you work with Leland’s Cabins.

Once you’ve picked your cabin, we’ll have it delivered and installed on your site in just about six weeks. That means you can’t dillydally around in picking, though. You’ve got to get in here and choose the cabin that’s right for you.


As for where you’ll put the cabin, pick a spot and get it ready. This process might take longer than getting the actual cabin built. So move quickly, and plan on having the best ever Halloween or Thanksgiving in your new cabin.

Our cabin specialists will go over all the details you’ll need to make sure your site is ready and waiting. But generally, you need a flat spot that is clear of brush and trees. The driveway to that spot needs to be wide and clear of trees, branches, and other shrubbery so our delivery team can get your cabin in there without any scratches.

So start looking for the ideal spot. Of course, we recommend getting your site outfitted with water, electric, and sewer. If it’s out in the sticks, you’ll need a well and septic system. If it’s near the city, you may be able to tie in to the existing water and sewer system, but you’ll need to make sure you have everything in order with the city.

Check your area for permits, and give your insurance agent a call.

The Hard Part—Picking Your Cabin

Flipping a coin isn’t going to do you much good until you narrow your choices down to just two. So, the best way to figure out what you want is to start with the basics, of course.

There are some questions you should ask yourself before you come see the cabins for yourself at our Grandview headquarters. Here, you can walk through every model cabin we offer in the biggest manufactured cabin showroom in Texas. So, ask yourself:

How many bedrooms does it need to have?
Do I have a rough estimate of how many square feet I’d like?
Am I going for cozy or grand?
Potentially how many extra people will we invite for special occasions?
What’s the most important room of the cabin for me?
What’s the most important feature of any cabin I buy?

The answers to those questions will help you form a vision in your mind’s eye of your ideal cabin before you start looking.

Why Choose from Leland’s Manufactured Log Cabins?

We take a lot of pride in our cabins. We build each cabin here in Grandview, Texas, at our headquarters. It’s easy to keep the quality of our builds consistent when we’re the ones in control of every step of the build. That’s why we chose manufactured log cabins.

Every cabin gets our craftsmen’s best. We don’t know how to build any other way. From top to bottom, we drive every nail in our building warehouse. Once we’re done, we load up the cabin and bring it to the customer. Our builders get started on the next cabin while our delivery team transports the cabin to its new home.

Our cabins are proudly made in Texas. And that pride is reflected in the low-maintenance, well-made cabins we produce all year long.

So Many Summers to Come

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation because it was so much work? There was the planning and coordinating first. Then you shopped around for the best deals. After you finally booked it and your departure date neared, it was time to make sure everything else was in hand and ready.

The packing, the lugging of the luggage—streamline the whole process for yourself. Make getting away simpler and less hassle. With your own fully-stocked cabin, you can get away at a moment’s notice.

Your new cabin will be around for you to enjoy for many summers, falls, winters, and springs to come. Come see us in Grandview, Texas, to pick out your Made-in-Texas manufactured cabin.