Behind the Build, Part 6: Delivery and Setup

There’s no better feeling than coming home. The sense of calm, relief, peace. When you purchase a prefab log cabin with a Texas-made, Texas-proud builder like Leland’s Cabins, those are just the feelings we want you to have. We aim for that sort of satisfaction with every cabin we [...]

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Moving Parents Back Home: The Cabin Option

Every morning I wake-up to the tick-tock of a racing clock reminding me of the uncertainties I face in the near future. Like a heavy grandfather clock, the passing time tells me I bear the responsibility of my aging parents, who will soon need me to have solutions. I [...]

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Let Leland’s Show You Financing Options for Your Dream Cabin

You’ve had the dream. It’s set to the song of cicadas with lush green trees and grass, family members laughing and playing, and a pervading spirit of fun and adventure. We’ve all had these sorts of vacation reveries, whether set in the hills of Italy, the wide-open skies of [...]

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How to Turn Your Cabin into an Airbnb Destination

Cabin Rentals Did you know cabin rentals are becoming more popular for those seeking a getaway? From travelers looking to unplug to vacationers with no desire to sleep on the ground in a tent, renting a cabin for the weekend is the perfect solution to get out of town [...]

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Pros and Cons of Laminate vs. Wood Plank Flooring

Texas Prefab Log Cabins The options for finishing the interior of your Texas prefab log cabin are vast. You can take the interior design of your cabin in just about any possible direction you can imagine. At Leland’s, we offer custom cabins. That means you can have your cabin [...]

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Behind the Build, Part 5: HVAC, Plumbing, Lighting, and Cabinets

The last step in bringing your Leland’s Cabins home to life includes installing the HVAC, plumbing, lighting, and kitchen cabinets. Each step in the construction process—as we showed in Part 4 which demonstrated installation of the electrical, walls, floors, and insulation—moves your pre-built cabin along from an idea in [...]

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Behind the Build, Part 4: Electrical, Insulation, Walls, and Flooring

As your Leland’s Cabins home comes together, the next phase of construction kicks up the excitement. Our custom cabins are Texas made and Texas proud, which means pride in workmanship goes into each and every one. We don’t line it up for delivery until we’re satisfied that every step [...]

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Texas Pride: The Best Texas Cabin Decor

Texas has plenty of iconic images, from its distinctive shape to the longhorn cattle that once grazed its plains to its highway signs warning “Don’t Mess With Texas.” So giving your prefab log cabin a Texas-themed flavor can be easier than you might think. Here at Leland’s Cabins, we love [...]

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5 Summer Traditions to Start with Your Family Now

Summer Traditions Did you have summertime traditions as a child? You know, those things you did that made summer feel like it was finally here? Maybe it was swimming in your favorite water hole, lighting your first sparkler or firecracker of the year, or taking that road trip to [...]

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Leland’s Behind the Build, Part 3: Windows, Paint, and Roof

The excitement builds with each step in the creation of your Leland’s Cabins home. No matter the model you’ve selected from our nine prefab log cabin styles, the same commitment to craftsmanship goes into each one. Once the roof and outside walls have gone up, it’s time to frame [...]

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