Manufactured Cabins in Texas

At Leland’s Cabins, we specialize in manufactured cabins. We build every one here at our headquarters in Grandview, Texas. Why do we do it that way? There are a lot of reasons, but the most important is that we have more control over the quality of each cabin manufactured here instead of on the job site. And more control over the quality means a better product for our customers.

Our team of builders is composed of master craftsmen. Each member of the team contributes to the high-quality standards that we adhere to at Leland’s Cabins.

And while our cabins are manufactured cabins, we rarely sell two identical cabins because of the level of customization available to our customers.

So what are some outside-the-box reasons to purchase your very own Leland’s Cabin? First, here are the most common reasons our customers walk through the door…

Inside the Box

The most common motivators for our customers to purchase a manufactured cabin are fun reasons, such as having a place to get away. Do you need somewhere comfortable to stay during your hunting trips? So do many of our customers, and they choose a Leland’s Cabins manufactured cabin to answer that need.

Would you like a secondary revenue stream that isn’t going to eat up every spare moment you have? Our customers do too. That’s why many order a cabin with the intent to rent it out, either as a short-term vacation rental or as long-term housing.

For those customers with a lot of family who often come to visit, they need more space. The addition of a cabin on their property makes for a great guest house.

Our cabins are the answer to many situations. And we enjoy helping our clients customize their cabins to fit their needs, whether it be a common scenario or something outside-the-box.


Outside the Box

What about those outside-the-norm reasons people purchase a cabin? Let’s look at those.

Living Off the Grid

You want to live smaller materialistically so you can live larger in other ways. How do you manage to make that happen in our modern world? A great place to start is by reducing the square footage of your home.

Choose one of our manufactured cabins as your new tiny home.

We can help you with customizations (such as adding a loft) that will make the most of every square foot. Then you can reduce the amount of stuff in your life and hopefully reduce the amount of money those things require.

Reducing Debt

Are you ready to start the ball rolling on your very own debt snowball? You can certainly make a significant dent in your debt by eliminating your mortgage altogether. And if you calculate out how much you can pay down your debt by shifting the amount you’d normally spend on your mortgage to other bills…well, the math speaks for itself.

If there’s equity in your home, you may be able to sell your home and purchase a Leland’s Cabin with the cash from the sale of your home. Our cabins usually take us about six weeks to build and deliver to your already-prepared site. So start talking to your mortgage lender about a payoff amount, your realtor about an expected sale price of your home, and us about your new cabin. We will be glad to help you get all the fine details ironed out before you do anything permanent, like sell your home. It’s what we do.

Building Your Business

A great way to create long-term job security is to create your own position, right? What about creating one in your own company?

If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, then chances are you will eventually need a headquarters of your own. Somewhere outside of your home where employees and customers alike can come. A place that is as unique as your business.

A manufactured cabin is just the headquarters you need. Our floor plans are customizable. So you can turn a bedroom into an office or keep the entire space open for multiple shared workspaces. And think about brand identity for a moment. You can customize your cabin to be a direct reflection of the branding—the vibe, the feeling you want people to take away with them about your business—you’re striving to create.

And when you’ve made your millions and it’s time to retire…

An Easy-to-Maintain Retirement Home

One reason many seniors leave their lifelong home is that they can no longer keep up with the physical requirements or financial costs of maintaining that home. A cabin from Leland’s Cabins is the perfect solution in such a situation.

Because every floor plan is customizable, we can plan for the future as we build for the present. We can ensure doorways are wide enough for a wheelchair and bathrooms are accessible to anyone with reduced mobility. We can incorporate a wheelchair ramp into the porch or deck, and we can help guide you in choosing finishes and materials that won’t need any maintenance for many, many years to come.

We see families that add a cabin to their backyard for their loved ones who are no longer able to live alone but who aren’t ready to go to a long-term care facility. This arrangement allows everyone to maintain their independence and keep their own space while keeping each other close by.

A Vacation Timeshare

Maybe you just need a place to go to escape the busyness of life every once in a while. The trouble is you don’t want to have to foot the entire bill for a cabin you only plan to use once or twice a year. You also aren’t interested in some condo timeshare in a tourist-crowded area. So what do you do?

Purchase a Leland’s Cabin with family or friends. There is one key factor in this arrangement working out without arguments, though. That very important thing is called boundaries. Before you buy, establish a schedule of use.

When do you absolutely know you’ll want to stay in the cabin? What times of the year are you sure will be inconvenient for a getaway? Set up a deposit account as well for everyone to contribute a predetermined amount on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis that can be used to cover expenses such as insurance and upkeep.

Once you’ve laid out the details for all to see, those who are interested in respecting boundaries will still be interested.

Leland’s Cabins is Here to Help

No matter your reason for exploring the option to purchase a cabin, we’re here to help. Our teams of experts are more than happy to answer your questions and give you our best information based on the more than decade of experience we have manufacturing cabins. Come see us at our Grandview headquarters, home to the largest cabin showroom in Texas. You’ll be able to walk through every model of cabin we sell.