Can you build your cabins on my land?

What makes Leland’s Cabins different from any other prefab cabin builder?

What is the smallest and largest prefab cabin you can build?

What kind of warranty do you offer? Is it transferable?

Is there a charge if I want to have a custom cabin floor plan?

Are your cabins built on a chassis with wheels?

What is the process to buy a cabin?

How long is your build process?

What type of housing is this - Prefab, Modular, Mobile home, stick built or tiny home?

Can you do modern cabin designs or farmhouse cabins?

Is it all just wood on your interiors - can you do sheet rock?

Can I bring my own fixtures to be installed in my prefab cabin?

What options do you offer with siding, interior choices, lighting, kitchen sinks, and more?

Are your prefab modular cabins insulated?

Do the prefab cabins come with appliances?

What do I need to do to put a cabin on my property in regards to site preparation and foundation?

Are your cabins allowed in city limits?

Do you sell land, or land and cabin packages?

What is your delivery area?

Can I move my cabin at a later date?

Do you have RTO or In-house financing?

Do you have lenders you can refer me to for your prefab cabins?

What is your payment schedule?

Are your cabins bear proof?

Do you have any repos?

Will any of your prefab cabin interior finishes affect my pet bird, such as parrot?

When I order my prefab cabin, does it come with decks and skirting?

Does my prefab cabin have to be blocked up?

Can I buy your certified modular cabin plans?

Do you sell prefab cabin kits?


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