Hunting Trips

Starting your day out sitting on the cool ground in the woods, just as the sun is coming up, is less an exercise in patience and more a moment of peaceful anticipation. You’re there waiting for the sun to clear the horizon and the game to come wandering your way. You can almost taste the sausage as you sit there, imaging the deer you’re going to get this year.

Most of your hunting trips start and end the same way: You begin anticipating the next year’s trip at the end of this year’s. As your trip comes to a close, you make note of what worked well and what didn’t so you can plan the next one even better.

Now here we are again. It’s hunting-trip time. You’re taking a few days away to reconnect with nature and your rifle—and to bag some game, of course. But this year is different. This year, you’re staying in your own custom prefab log cabin built by Leland’s Cabins. And you couldn’t be cozier.

Roughing It in Your Prefab Log Cabin

Remember that one year you slept in the back of a pickup with nothing but a camper shell and a sleeping bag to protect you from the elements? We won’t talk about what passed for dinner that trip. Let’s just say putting a can of food in the fire completed your picture of roughing it.

Life has changed since then. Now just the thought of such a sleeping arrangement makes your muscles tense up. And while you still enjoy a can of beans every once in a while, it’s always a side and not the main dish.

You’ve come a long way in life. And while you’re not as young as you once were, avoiding another hunting trip that leaves you sore and wishing you could visit the nearest chiropractor isn’t about your age. It’s about you and how you’ve come to value certain things more than you once did. Things such as comfort. And decent food.

The best part of the journey you’ve undertaken in your life is that you can now afford to make comfort a priority. So why not “rough it” on your hunting trips in your own hunting cabin?

The Largest Cabin Showroom

So, just how much roughing it do you want to do in your new hunting cabin? That’s the question you’ll have to ask yourself before you come to visit Leland’s Cabins. We have the largest cabin showroom in Texas at our Grandview headquarters.

Here you’ll be able to see our cabins for yourself. From our smallest and most cost-efficient log cabin, the Rio Bravo, to our most spacious and luxurious prefab cabin, The Lodge, we have something for everyone.

And our cabins are fully customizable. While we do build them here at our headquarters, everyone is completely custom. We rarely sell the exact same cabin twice. Our prefab log cabins are all one-of-a-kind with high-quality craftsmanship to ensure you’ll be enjoying the cabin for decades to come.

Getting Your Hunting Cabin

Hunting season is upon us. But there’s still time to get your cabin ordered, built, and installed so you’ll be ready for next season. If you already have a prepared site where you can place your cabin, it should take about six weeks for us to build and deliver it.

To start the process, take a look at our cabin models online and then either schedule a phone call with one of our cabin specialists, or come walk through our cabins for yourself.

Take a look at our video library as well to get a more in-depth picture of the process involved in choosing your new hunting cabin.

We look forward to seeing you soon. If we don’t see you this season, then happy hunting. We hope you bag a thirty-pointer.