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To a Cabin Built by Local Craftsmen

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At Leland’s Cabins, we have the best custom log cabin homes for sale in Texas

We offer flexible cabin plans for you to build your dream cabin

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A cabin is as American as apple pie, and our founders are no exception

Along with his father and brothers, Leland Ulrich started in the construction business building portable storage sheds until they branched into home building.

In 2003, he started Leland’s Industries along with his cousin Corey. While backyard sheds were their mainstay, Leland’s noticed their customers purchasing sheds and finishing them off as cabins—many customers even came to them wanting custom-built cabins. And so, in 2006, Leland’s listened and added cabins to their portfolio.

Choosing Leland’s for your cabin means a fully customizable experience, and that’s what Leland and Corey wanted for their customers: a cabin that’s uniquely yours. After you sit down with their design experts to create your cabin, construction typically takes 6–8 weeks. Can you imagine having a custom-built, warm, cozy cabin within weeks? That’s what makes Leland’s different.

Because Leland’s loves our planet, they plant 20 trees in your name for each cabin sold— more than offsetting the impact and lumber that’s consumed.

While Leland’s expertise is cabins, their work doesn’t stop there.
They build portable storage buildings, carports, decks, gazebos, and playhouses.


Personal Design

There are no cookie-cutter cabins at Leland’s Cabins. Our cabin design guides are ready to sit down with you to create a personal experience that fits your lifestyle and personality.

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Local Craftsmen

Leland’s Cabins are built on a tradition of generations of quality craftsmanship passed from father to son and father to son. Our craftsmen have been building quality Log Cabins in Texas for over 10 years building on a legacy of quality craftsmanship and custom buildings before that.



From our designs to our product choices we think about the environment, and because we love our planet, we plant 20 trees in your name when you buy a Leland’s Cabin.

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Karl Shrock
Cabin Service Manager
Ryan Kimberlin
Operations Manager
Steven Jones
Cabin Sales Manager
Carol Stevens
Cabin Sales & Marketing

Everything with Leland’s Cabins was just awesome from day one. We own two homes and the place we like the best is here! We are so proud of our porch. We spend hours on it. We’re actually going to put up a big flat screen on the porch so I can watch my ball games next month. The split unit air conditioners we just love! We turn it down so cold we gotta cover up good to sleep!

Lelands Cabins Profile

For me there is no comparison between Lelands and other cabins. The more time I spend in our home the more I love it. In the 40 Mph winds yesterday I could hardly hear them. We have received our first electric bill and I was amazed with the difference. Our bill was about 1/3 of what I anticipated it to be and we ran the air conditioners all month. I am so pleased with our cabin. We had one minor glitch, the dishwasher wasn’t hooked up. I called Amber and she sent someone from Grandview all the way up to Ardmore which is about a 4 hour trip to fix it. We could have done it ourselves,but Amber was right on top of it. Can’t say enough good about the Company, the quality of work, or our cabin.


It is unlikely that anyone else will out do what Leland’s have done for me and my family this year. What they did was provide excellent service, far surpassing that offered by their competitors. They were readily available, made the ordering process as simple as possible, and kept their word. They delivered the building one day earlier than planned despite the rain, mud, and cold. This was far from the experience my family had with another local company. We learned a lesson: If you want an excellent product delivered on time by upstanding and reliable people, Leland’s is the company with which you want to do business. In the future, for us, there will be no other option to consider. We are so happy with your service, your company, and our new building!


We purchased our cabin mainly because of the quality craftsmanship. We looked around quite a bit before we decided on Leland’s Cabins. As you can see, this is our guest cabin beside our weekend getaway home and we are very pleased with the entire experience at Leland’s Cabins.


Diane went above and beyond in answering every question we had! She even drove all the way to Grandview to show us first hand the excellent craftsmanship the builders of Leland’s Cabins obviously put into their cabins. We were able to see and feel the quality of work! We were able to select parts of one cabin and match it with parts of another cabin. Then we were able to email back and forth floor plans until we were happy with the final result. In other words, we were able to truly make our cabin a custom cabin! Finally, before the cabin was delivered to us, we were able to walk through and make sure everything was as it should be! The people at Leland’s Cabins were so friendly and helpful. Now, our son and daughter-in-law have a cozy cabin in the woods to enjoy until they have their own, much bigger cabin built. And I am certain they will give Leland’s Cabins a call when that day happens!


We loved working with everyone at Leland’s Cabins. Steven worked with us to design exactly the cabin we wanted, Karl and Sam made sure things were done correctly, and Mel put the cabin right where we wanted. Leland’s Cabins has a great team who work well together to ensure customer satisfaction. We would definitely work with them again. Friendly, helpful staff and a fantastic cabin.



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