The Best Fall Cabin Decor

With fall equinox hitting in late September, when the sun appears to cross the equator on its journey south along the horizon, we officially mark autumn’s arrival. And with it, an uptick in all things made with pumpkin spice. But there’s more to celebrate this gorgeous season than sipping a flavored coffee drink and munching on a funky-tasting pumpkin bagel.

At Leland’s Cabins, we love to mark the changing seasons. So as we put away all the trappings of summertime, we’re excited to consider the long list of cabin decorating opportunities that celebrate autumn. What follows is our rundown of the best fall cabin decoration ideas to keep your Texas log cabins looking on-point:

Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins, summer squash, winter squash, acorn squash, swan gourds, even something called the caveman’s club — there are any number of contributions from fall gardens to help decorate your cabin and make it look, well, “gourdgeous.”

Gourds are technically fruits, and they can grow quite large with fleshy insides. Their colorful, interesting exteriors are what make them so appealing to use as decorating tools for your Texas modular cabins. Bright oranges, deep greens, speckles, stripes. And their tough shells allow gourds to be left outdoors for many weeks, enduring rain and temperature swings without rotting.

While carved pumpkins make a great way to decorate for Halloween, you can leave your gourds untouched. Group a variety of them together on your porch or beside your door to make a colorful seasonal display. Vary the size and shape, and even add dried corn stalks to the mix, for a cornucopia of autumn’s harvest. With Leland’s commitment to planting trees, we’re fans of natural decor.

Wreaths and Garlands

With your pumpkins and gourds in place on the porch or around your favorite tree, turn your attention on the front door. Wreaths of fall leaves make a beautiful and welcoming decoration for visitors approaching your cabin. Grab the kids or grandkids and take a walk in the woods to gather up the leaves for your fall decorations. This will help them feel connected to nature, immersed in the season, and engaged with you and your Texas manufactured cabin home. Plus it’s a low-cost way to decorate.

To make a fall-leaf wreath, you don’t need much more than a needle and thread. Visit sites online for fall craft ideas and how-to guides. For decorations, you can use year after year, consider stitching a do-it-yourself leaf garland using store-bought leaves and burlap material.

Signs and Scarecrows

Simple decorations on your cabin’s porch, deck, or yard can add a festive and seasonal touch. We like signs that hint at a sense of humor, such as “Welcome to the nuthouse” and decorated with acorns. Or “Hello, Pumpkin” and featuring a wooden cutout of an orange pumpkin. Substitute the letter O in “Welcome” with a fall leaf. There’s no end to the ideas. And using reclaimed wood can add a warm touch while at the same time keep costs down.

Hay bales and scarecrows are another fun way to add a sense of fun to your prefab log cabin’s fall decor. Stuff an old plaid shirt and a pair of jeans with cotton or hay, add a burlap sack for a head, and you can perch your new friend on the hay bale. The hay’s rich, autumnal fragrance alone is worth the time spent decorating.


Step inside your cabin to continue more decorating. Group pine- or spice-scented candles on a table in the family room to give it a rustic feel. Three or more candles arranged together adds more drama than just one, so think about groupings and vary the sizes to make it interesting to the eye. Or place candlesticks on the dining table and light the candles during nighttime meals to add warmth to your dining.

As sundown comes early with fall’s arrival, candles can add a sense of comfort and beauty to any home — and any of our nine cabin models. Place them in the bedroom, kitchen, even the bathroom. Just remember to blow them out before you go to sleep!

Throws and Pillows

Summer was all about keeping cool and not overheating. But with autumn’s arrival, our thoughts go to snuggling and keeping warm as the temperatures start to dip. Put away the flip-flops and fans and pull out the throw blankets and pillows to give your Texas log cabin a fall feeling.

Small pillows for your sofa, chairs, and beds make a great way to change up your interior decor without breaking the bank. A few well-placed pillows featuring a fall motif can give your space an autumnal feel. Go for rust colors like deep reds, burnt oranges, and dark greens. Consider fabric that features leaves or gourds.

Throw blankets are another way to make your cabin feel cozy and ready for the coming winter. Just imagine curling up on the couch under a plush throw, candles lit nearby, delicious snacks an arm’s length away, and a good book or old movie at the ready. You’re prepared for the slower pace of fall and the joys of sharing your comfortable Leland’s Cabins home with friends and family.

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