Tips From the Hospitality Industry to Help Boost Revenue: Part 1

Short stay business owners, like RV parks, campgrounds, and AirBNB owners, are always looking for ways to improve their businesses and draw in more guests to their properties.  According to IBIS World, RV and campground owner revenue has seen an increase of $8.7 billion industry wide this year [...]

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How to Start a Successful Cabin Rental Business Guide with Floor Plans

Starting a Vacation Cabin Rental Business: Is this a good idea? Is starting a cabin rental business a good idea? It seams like every time you turn to social media, stream your favorite videos and shows - advertisements for vacation rental businesses and cabin rental businesses are popping up [...]

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Leland Cabins Park Model Cabin Series

The Original Park Model Cabin! Are you looking for that perfect cabin to place on your property to host weekend getaways for friends or family or to add to your property or campground for additional revenue? If so, check out the Park Model Cabin by Leland's.  Cabin Built For [...]

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12 optimized Floor plans under 704 sq feet

PLAN #1 • 280 Sq Feet • Rio Bravo 103     This tiny, yet efficient home offers a contemporary style with a built in queen Murphy bed and table, a two-burner cooktop and vent hood, full bathroom with a 32" shower. The built-in bookshelf gives extra storage, and [...]

Client Testimonial: Annie Sumang

Bringing your dream to life is rewarding. But, helping to do that for another person? Absolutely enchanting. At Leland’s Cabins, we’re in the business of building dreams. Having worked in the architecture and engineering industry, Annie Sumang has experience in building from the ground up. A few years ago, [...]

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10 Revenue Generating Ideas for Your Park

Do you remember that spark of excitement you felt when you took over the location and put out your “Welcome” mat for the first time? That vision of seeing Motorists and Vacationers coming and staying at your RV park or Campground had finally arrived. There [...]

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