Bringing your dream to life is rewarding. But, helping to do that for another person? Absolutely enchanting. At Leland’s Cabins, we’re in the business of building dreams.

Having worked in the architecture and engineering industry, Annie Sumang has experience in building from the ground up. A few years ago, she decided that she wanted to create a weekend getaway outside of the city. She left Houston and drove through the wooded country towards College Station, in search of her perfect spot.

A second-generation Aggie, she grew up visiting Texas A&M University’s College Park. However, as an adult, she never found a place to stay where she truly felt comfortable. “Whenever I came in for the Aggie games, I could never find a place to stay that I really liked,” she explains.

On her fervent search for a small spot on which to build, she hit a roadblock: there were simply no small plots for sale, only large ones. Upon realizing that, her idea blossomed into something bigger. “I didn’t set out for the development to be like an Airbnb, but I think there was a need,” she says. With the help of Leland’s Cabins, she would eventually turn a 16-acre property into the picturesque, wooded getaway community known as The Cottages at Century Woods.

Annie decided to work with Leland’s Cabins because “they’re very well built, they’re solid. And I’m picky,” she laughs. Her background in construction gives her a keen eye for quality. It was also important that she have control in the design process, which is where Sales Manager Carol Stevens came in. “They worked with me to change up what I wanted to change up,” she says, “Carol was awesome.”

From the color schemes to floor plans, Carol and Annie worked seamlessly together over email and the phone to make these cottages exactly to specification. Leland’s was even able to accommodate Annie’s special request: custom bathtubs. “I love bathtubs,” she says, “I wanted to put everything that I want in a property, and that’s what we did here.”

Carol worked with Annie from start to finish, to see this project come to life: “She was there through the whole process, even to the very end,” Annie raves. Today, The Cottages at Century Woods are tucked quaintly away in the woods of Burleson County, serving Aggies and others alike.

Leland’s Cabin’s is committed to bringing our customer’s dreams to life. We have had the honor of building for many people, but we understand that each individual’s dream is unique. We want each person to find their own blissful plot in the country, just like Annie Sumang.

Start planning your own weekend getaway with The Cottages at Century Woods today.

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