Short stay business owners, like RV parks, campgrounds, and AirBNB owners, are always looking for ways to improve their businesses and draw in more guests to their properties. 

According to IBIS World, RV and campground owner revenue has seen an increase of $8.7 billion industry wide this year alone. Recent industry growth statistics indicate that the industry’s compounded growth rate is soaring with no end in sight. So how do you capitalize on that growth for your business? 

Businesses like Marriott Hotels and Southwest Airlines have worked hard to perfect the customer service model. Through trial and error they have remained the leaders in customer service, and customer retention, in the industry. We want to share some of the proven practices they employ that you as an RV park, campground, AirBNB, or short stay business owner can utilize. We hope that they help your property by enhancing its operations, elevating guest experiences, and achieving long term success.

We hope this article helps to highlight valuable practices you can easily implement to build your business.

Top 9 Hospitality Customer Retention Practices:

  • Institute a Loyalty Program:

Implement frequent stay or loyalty programs to encourage repeat visitors. Consider offering perks such as discounted rates, exclusive access to amenities, or special promotions to reward loyal customers. This can encourage customer retention and a sense of loyalty.

  • Practice Exceptional Customer Service:

Emphasize the importance of providing outstanding customer service. Train staff members to go above and beyond to meet each guest’s needs and exceed their expectations. Create a personalized service and attentiveness culture to ensure a memorable experience for visitors. 

  • Give Attention to the Details:

Adopt a keen focus on even the most minor details. Instill a sense of ownership in employees to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. Encourage everyone, regardless of position, to take responsibility for the appearance of the property.

  • Streamline Your Reservation Systems:

Implement user-friendly reservation systems allowing guests to book their stays online or through mobile apps. Invest in technology that allows for a smooth process, reduces wait times, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

  • Cultivate Your Online Presence and Reviews:

Establish a solid online presence, including a professional website, active social media accounts, and online review platforms. Encourage guests to leave reviews and respond promptly and courteously to positive or negative feedback. That demonstrates a commitment to guest satisfaction and helps build trust among potential customers.

  • Diversify Amenities and Activities:

Diversify your offerings by providing guests with various amenities and activities. Consider including swimming pools, playgrounds, recreational facilities, and organized events to cater to different interests and age groups. That adds value to the overall guest experience and encourages longer stays. 

  • Have Staff Training and Development:

Invest in comprehensive training programs for your staff members. Providing ongoing training ensures they are fully equipped with the necessary skills, and knowledge, to deliver exceptional service. Encourage professional development and empower employees to take ownership of their roles.

  • Explore Collaborations and Partnerships:

Explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with local businesses or attractions. That can include offering discounts or package deals with nearby restaurants, tourist destinations, or outdoor activity providers. Such partnerships will enhance the overall experience for your guests and attract new customers.

  • Seek Out Feedback and Surveys:

Regularly seek guest feedback through surveys or comment cards. That option provides valuable insights into areas needing improvement and helps identify opportunities to enhance the guest experience. Continuously listen to guest feedback and use it to make informed decisions and implement necessary changes.

Using these practices can enhance customer satisfaction, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately achieve tremendous success in providing memorable and enjoyable experiences.