The Original Park Model Cabin!

Are you looking for that perfect cabin to place on your property to host weekend getaways for friends or family or to add to your property or campground for additional revenue? If so, check out the Park Model Cabin by Leland’s. 

The Original Park Model Cabin

Cabin Built For The Ideal 

Leland’s Park Model cabin is the ideal tiny home or getaway home. It’s a unique cabin with a beautiful factory-built porch, a living/dining room, a kitchen, a full bath with tub/shower combo, and three sleeping areas. The sleeping areas include a built-in bunk, a sleeping loft, and a private bedroom. The cabin boasts a living space of approximately 400 square feet and can sleep up to 12 people! That’s a lot of guest space!

Standards Like The Original

Leland’s Park Models are built to the same standards as the ORIGINAL Park Models – following local building codes for permanent residential or temporary use. These are built to state residential codes, the same codes site builders use. These will be appreciated over time. Leland’s makes this quality in a factory on a wood skid system, then delivers to your property, offering a faster build time than a site built with the same quality. These are built to last, not as temporary spaces.

What is the difference between a Leland’s Park Model and a Park Model RV (PMRV)?The Original Park Model Cabin

Good question and we hear this a lot! So let’s go right to the source! Park Model RVs, known as PMRVs – PMRVs, are defined by RVIA as: “trailer type units that are primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or seasonal use; are built on a single chassis mounted on wheels; have a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet in the setup mode (or if less than 320 square feet in the setup mode would require a special highway movement permit), and are certified by their manufacturer as complying with ANSI A119.5 Park Model RV Standard.” The most important fact to take away from these basic definitions is that RVs and PMRVs are purpose-built as temporary accommodations for camping and seasonal use. They are not houses; going back to the source, RVIA further explains that PMRVs are not manufactured housing; and are neither designed for nor intended to serve as permanent habitations.

These are two different build types – original Park Models built to residential codes on a skid system and PMRVs. Depending on your use and budget, one may be better for your project than the other. PMRVs tend to have a higher per square foot price. Also, with an original Park Model, you will need to be able to hook up to a septic system, as there is not an RV septic tank, which is not to residential code.

 Visit our showroom in Grandview, Texas, for more inquiries. We are open Monday – Friday from 8am-5 pm and from 9 am-4 pm on Saturdays. We would love to show you around this cabin and our other display cabins.

Wrapping Up

The Leland’s Park Model cabin is a multi-purpose, personalized cabin. It is the perfect tiny home to suit state codes and our clients’ personas and styles. The design allows it to be suitable for both temporary and permanent use. You can use it for your getaway, regular day-day accommodation space, or a revenue-generating property. Visit our Texas Showroom for more inquiries.We have a Park Model on display for you to look at! We are open Monday – Friday from 8 am-5 pm and from 9 am-4 pm on Saturdays. We would love to show you around this cabin and our other display cabins.

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