Do you remember that spark of excitement you felt when you took over the location and put out your “Welcome” mat for the first time? That vision of seeing Motorists and Vacationers coming and staying at your RV park or Campground had finally arrived. There were RV groups, single owner coaches, tourists, and travelers with tents coming through your gates.

The rush of enthusiasm came over you; as you witnessed lines of people checking in, hearing laughter and comradery between site mates, and the smells from outdoor cooking in the air as you strolled through the park, greeting your guests. What a thrill it was; back then.

Basic Amenities Are No Longer Revenue Generators for Parks and Campgrounds!

But as time ticked on, you discovered there were off-season peaks, slow times, or competitors offering special revenue-generating comforts that pulled your guests away, leaving you with more empty spaces, until next season.

It wasn’t enough that your location is right off the interstate, on beautiful beachfront property, or tucked away in the mountains overlooking a majestic lake. The traffic slowed, the lines got shorter, and fewer guests arrived with each passing season.

Trying to make up for the visitor shortage, and last-minute cancellations, your research showed, your location and basic amenities could not make up for the income shortfalls. Something else had to become part of your RV Park or Campground’s, guest-friendly experience, equation. But what?

To bring greater comfort and keep long-term guests returning, tapping into new revenue streams was the only answer. As you discovered, those upgrades will draw the crowds back, fill vacant spots, and visitors regretfully saying, “Do I have to leave?” Instead of giving up, you know the time has come. Smart revenue streams must get added, so your guests will look forward to the day they can return.

Boost RV Park or Campground Attendance With These Ten Revenue Generators

In today’s post, we have a huge surprise for you that should get you really excited. According to IBISWorld’s “Campgrounds & RV Parks Industry in the US” – market research report, it reveals from 2014-2019 the Campground and RV Park industry is steadily booming. The annual growth rate is up by 2.7%, and total industry revenue is at $7 billion. It turns out, the increasing baby boomer population, age 50 and above, and their rising levels of per capita disposable income on hand is the driving force behind the surge.

With that latest industry news, we reached out and gathered some exciting feedback from some of our most successful customers. Like you, they also discovered they needed to generate more revenue for their parks and campgrounds, keep their locations guest friendly, but also invite the emerging, new traveler workforce, passing through.

What we have compiled is a list of Ten Revenue Generating Ideas for your park! These ideas have added value, generated revenue for parks and campgrounds, and brought in a new type of traveler we wanted to share with you!

1. Covered Pavilions

Adding a quaint, covered spot for group gatherings creates a venue that you can ‘rent’ out daily, weekly, or monthly. Those in your local community is the first place to start. Speak with local youth groups, churches, family reunions, or your local Chamber of Commerce for their monthly meetings or annual fundraising events.

Covered pavilions are also an exceptional feature you can offer as a Premium RV Space Package or Campsite Bundle. The covered pavilions are set up at sections of the park or campground you have designated as VIP members only. Installation on a concrete pad or gravel pad is available. Options for Leg Height and anchoring are also available. Sizes range from 12’x20’ to 30’x50’.

2. Paid Shower Facilities

Here is a revenue generator that never stops working. Paid shower facilities have been around for a long time. You primarily find them at large truck stops, airports, and boat marinas. Why not at your RV park or Campground? Consider this! Your guest may arrive whose RV shower is broken, or your tent campers show up covered in mud, needing to use your shower facilities right away.

How can you turn this around for them? Offer them a daily, weekly, or monthly paid shower pass at your location. If they are out of soap or shampoo, you’ve got that covered too. When your visitors are traveling the roads for a few days, it is fantastic to find a park that has excellent paid shower facilities. Add the WOW factor for your guests! Make your RV park or Campground the best for your guests.

3. Small Storage Units

More modern-day travelers have dual locations around the country, stay longer than a month, and live in their RVs and coaches. What current guests do you have? Are your guests short term, or do they live half the year at your park or campground? Why not generate some extra revenue by leasing or renting out small, portable storage sheds to them.

With that extra accommodation set up at their space, or close by, your small storage units could easily net you recurring monthly income while the guest is away. That is where small storage units and sheds come in handy and are a fantastic guest convenience! They can easily be moved around from site to site with a forklift or electric mule. Basic sheds and metal sheds sizes are 8×8.

4. Covered RV Spots

From our research and the feedback we have received, more and more travels are asking for RV covered spaces, and for a good reason. According to, most motorhomes start around $100,000 and can get as high as $300,000, which is quite an investment. So how do you meet that travel’s needs and generate more revenue for your park or campground?

You offer that guest a covered VIP spot, at a premium rate, versus an open space at your park. With most summers, adding a shaded area adds value and extra comfort for your guests. Their RV will thank you as well! RV covers come in many different colors, and range in size from 18’x20’ to 30’x50’.

Have You Met The New Traveler Headed To Your RV Park or Campground?

Did you know that 66% of companies allow remote work? According to a 2015 Stanford University study, the traditional office space is disappearing, and employees are using their newfound freedom to work and travel at the same. Wouldn’t your park or campground generate hidden revenue when you reach out to companies that encourage remote working and invite their employees to stay at your location?

The new traveler brings work along for the ride. They are not looking for tourist traps or hotspots; instead, peace and tranquility are what they want. All that a remote, working traveler needs are a roof over their head, stable WiFi connections, and their computer. Your RV park and Campground can generate higher revenues when you open your arms to the new workforce and have cabins installed.

5. Full-Service Cabins

Both Jellystone Parks and Kampgrounds of America have reported on the substantial increase in park revenue that a cabin can generate! Cabins can be custom made to fit in your RV Space, offering a Texas made, durable cabin for your guests to enjoy! Compact cabins with space efficiency floorplans can sleep 2 to 14! Full-Service Cabins give your guests a complete kitchen area, and all the comforts from home, at an upscale rental price.

6. Limited Service Cabins

Some couples and families like to ‘camp’ and have the outdoor cooking experience, but do not quite enjoy the whole tent concept. When offering a premium-priced, Limited Service Cabin it gives the safety and comfort of a cabin, and still allows for the ‘rustic’ outdoor cooking time.

7. Duplex Cabins

It is amazing what can fit in an RV Spot! We can design a duplex unit. These work well for couples, two parents with children, traveling together with extended family, or that remote worker just passing through. These cabins provide privacy for all while sharing a campground space, at a cabin rental rate!

8. Laundry Facilities

EVERYONE generates Laundry! Make that necessary chore easy by offering a clean laundry facility. Traveling with three kids, I always choose parks that have a laundry facility, instead of ones that do not provide this vital accommodation! Add washer/dryer units operated by credit cards, and start earning your investment back, one load of dirty clothes at a time!

9. Bathrooms

Bathroom facilities are a must. Gone are the days of having to find a local contractor to come out to your remote area, and pay extra for a crew to work in a ‘remote’ location to construct a quality bathroom facility. These facilities can be pre-fabricated, constructed off-site and brought to your location for generally less than a site-built facility in far less time. Search for a company that builds on a quality skid system and offers traditional construction methods so your facilities are built to last. Create
a bathroom/shower house with a laundry facility in one multi-room cabin if your space is limited. This type of construction generally takes between 10-14 weeks.

10. Covered Picnic Areas

Last, and surely not least, add a small cover over a picnic area that does not have any natural tree covering. It makes the outdoor dining experience more enjoyable when those unexpected thunderstorms pop up or when the sun needs shading!

If you allow us, it would be our pleasure to help you design any of these ten revenue-generating ideas. If you have other revenue-generating ideas, I would love to hear them! Contact me with any questions, and I look forward to working with you to make your park successful for years to come!


Written by Carol Stevens, Leland’s Cabins Sales Manager

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