Leland Cabins Park Model Cabin Series

The Original Park Model Cabin! Are you looking for that perfect cabin to place on your property to host weekend getaways for friends or family or to add to your property or campground for additional revenue? If so, check out the Park Model Cabin by Leland's.  Cabin Built For [...]

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Tips on How to Start a Small Herb Garden at Your Cabin 

On the question, of how to start a small herb garden at your cabin, keep reading and you'll find the answer! Starting a small indoor herb garden can provide endless benefits. Whether you want to cook healthier meals, treat yourself to some fresh herbs, or simply enjoy the benefits [...]

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The Leland’s Cabins Brazos Series – a multi-functional tiny cabin. 

Are you in the market for a cabin that checks off all-important boxes like reasonable square feet, great design, functionality, and a small footprint? Then, check out our Brazos cabin series!  Functional Tiny Cabin This unique cabin has a functional space design that can serve as a vacation cabin [...]

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Fast-growing Trees For Privacy In Your Cabin

Using Fast-Growing Trees to Create Cabin Privacy: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction The importance of cabin privacy How fast-growing trees can help Fast-Growing Trees for Cabin Privacy Choosing the Right Trees Factors to consider Popular fast-growing tree species Planting and Maintenance Tips Best practices for planting Caring for your fast-growing [...]

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Home shells: is a DIY project the best option?

What type of build is best for me? A DIY home project can be extremely rewarding, and is absolutely a fantastic option for you if you are willing to invest time, sweat equity, and maybe get a few talented friends to assist! Ok so what if I choose DIY.. [...]

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Leland’s Cabins on Designing Spaces

We are very excited to be featured on Designing Spaces! The clip below shows you a little insight into who we are as a company and why we started this business. With almost 30 years of experience we have a long track record of designing and building [...]

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12 optimized Floor plans under 704 sq feet

PLAN #1 • 280 Sq Feet • Rio Bravo 103     This tiny, yet efficient home offers a contemporary style with a built in queen Murphy bed and table, a two-burner cooktop and vent hood, full bathroom with a 32" shower. The built-in bookshelf gives extra storage, and [...]

10 DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Cabins

If you really want to test how clever you are with your design and organizational skills, try finding storage options for the inside of a small cabin. While the space you're working with might be tiny, that doesn't mean you can't fit everything you need inside of reduced space. [...]

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Client Testimonial: Annie Sumang

Bringing your dream to life is rewarding. But, helping to do that for another person? Absolutely enchanting. At Leland’s Cabins, we’re in the business of building dreams. Having worked in the architecture and engineering industry, Annie Sumang has experience in building from the ground up. A few years ago, [...]

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