Leland Cabins Park Model Cabin Series

The Original Park Model Cabin! Are you looking for that perfect cabin to place on your property to host weekend getaways for friends or family or to add to your property or campground for additional revenue? If so, check out the Park Model Cabin by Leland's.  Cabin Built For [...]

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The Perfect Tiny Home for the Perfect Family

We get very excited when our customers design the perfect cabin for their space! Check out the Rowland’s Brazos cabin. This cabin has a tiny home footprint at 532 sq feet, and has the timeless craftsmanship that will provide many years of enjoyment. There is also a bonus sleeping [...]

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A Mother in Law Suite is the New Real Estate Must Have

Why are mother in law suites so desirable in the current market? As our parents age the biggest questions kids ask themselves is: How do I care for them as well as they cared for me? We are seeing problematic nursing homes rise in the media and the costs [...]

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Home shells: is a DIY project the best option?

What type of build is best for me? A DIY home project can be extremely rewarding, and is absolutely a fantastic option for you if you are willing to invest time, sweat equity, and maybe get a few talented friends to assist! Ok so what if I choose DIY.. [...]

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Leland’s Cabins on Designing Spaces

We are very excited to be featured on Designing Spaces! The clip below shows you a little insight into who we are as a company and why we started this business. With almost 30 years of experience we have a long track record of designing and building [...]

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12 optimized Floor plans under 704 sq feet

PLAN #1 • 280 Sq Feet • Rio Bravo 103     This tiny, yet efficient home offers a contemporary style with a built in queen Murphy bed and table, a two-burner cooktop and vent hood, full bathroom with a 32" shower. The built-in bookshelf gives extra storage, and [...]

Tiny Homes on Wheels Vs Stationary Tiny Homes

Generally speaking, all tiny homes have one thing in common: they’re tiny. There is huge variation when it comes to materials, design, layout, use, size, and more. But, one of the biggest differences has to do with their foundations: is the home anchored to the ground, or is it [...]

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Best Indoor Plants To Decorate Your Cabin

Cabins are a great place for a getaway where you can immerse yourself in nature. They are meant to be relaxing, as well as comfortable and by adding some indoor plants you can make them truly homey. Here are some of the best indoor plants to decorate your cabin [...]

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Client Testimonial: Lisa and Chuck Forman

When Leland’s Cabins customers Lisa and Chuck Forman moved back to the United States after working overseas, they decided to settle down in Spur, Texas, a blink-and-you-miss-it town of just over a thousand people located east of Lubbock. They were curious about tiny houses, and when they discovered Spur, [...]

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