If you really want to test how clever you are with your design and organizational skills, try finding storage options for the inside of a small cabin. While the space you’re working with might be tiny, that doesn’t mean you can’t fit everything you need inside of reduced space.

Small cabins and tiny houses are functional, affordable, and adorable. If you’re worried about having all the essential supplies you need in your kitchen, don’t worry. We have plenty of kitchen storage ideas to transform any size of space into the culinary room of your dreams.

We’re going to talk about the storage ideas when you’re working in a smaller space. Whether you’re in our Rio Bravo cabin at just over 200 square feet or another type of abode, we’ve got 10  small cabin kitchen storage ideas to fit every chef out there.

1. Build Additional Storage Under Your Seating

Hidden storage is a great way to store items that you don’t use on a regular basis. Don’t waste precious cabinet or shelving space to keep the air fryer you only use a few times a month in. Keep your kitchen tidy by storing things in hidden spaces.

If you have a bench in your kitchen area, pull up the seat and store items underneath. You can store large items in that spot. You can also place smaller kitchen items in clear bins so you can see what’s inside.

If you working on designs for kitchens, you can incorporate drawers into your seating areas. For seats that are built into your cabin walls, have drawers underneath that you can pull out. Storage ottomans are another option for those looking for kitchen storage on a budget.

2. Use Every Drawer at Your Disposal

Don’t let any of your kitchen drawers fall victim to being the quintessential “junk drawer.” Every space in your kitchen needs to be maximized.

Instead of having a junk drawer, make the drawer you don’t have a lot of use for into a spice rack/drawer. You shouldn’t toss your containers of spices into the drawer either. They should be in the same size containers so they fit efficiently into your drawer.

A DIY spice drawer is a simple weekend afternoon project. You can custom make the drawer to fit the size of the containers you purchased. That’ll guarantee they all fit correctly and you maximize the amount of space.

You should also put your spices into clear containers that are clearly labeled. That’ll make it easy for you to grab the right spice when you’re cooking your next meal.

3. Create a Rolling Pantry

Have you ever looked at the skinny space between your fridge and the wall and wished you could do something with it? A rolling pantry is a great way to make the most of that space while creating additional storage in the kitchen. It rolls right into that small space, giving you extra storage for your narrow kitchen items.

Your DIY rolling pantry can also be customized to fit the decor of your kitchen. Line the back with scrapbook paper or wallpaper for additional flair. Paint or stain the wood to match your existing interior design aesthetic.

Store cleaning supplies or other pantry items in the rolling pantry.

4. Pull-Out or Fold-Down Table

When working with a tiny cabin kitchen space, there often isn’t enough room for a dining table or work area. Don’t feel discouraged. There are lots of options for tables in your small cabin kitchen.

Create a standing working station in your kitchen with a table that folds up. When it’s not in use, simply lower the table so you have more room to move around. It can also be used as an eating or working area.

Explore collapsable tables that can be rolled under the couch when they’re not in use. Many of them come in different height options. You can lower and raise it depending upon your preference.

5. Design a Wall Mounted Plate Rack

Plates can take up a lot of space in your cabinets. If you have a section of the wall that’s not being used, use it to make a wall-mounted plate rack. It can be installed on the side of a cabinet as well.

Making the most of your vertical space is important when figuring out storage options in a small cabin. A vertical plate rack is a wonderful option for utilizing wall space and displaying your gorgeous plates.

Keep in mind that part of the allure of living in a smaller home is minimalism. Only hold onto plates that you’ll actively use on a daily basis while in your small cabin. You shouldn’t store things that you won’t be using.

6. Open Shelving

If you don’t have room for regular hanging cabinets in your small kitchen, explore open shelving. You can store your larger items in the cabinets down below. Have a few shelves with your prettiest dishes and glasses on display.

It’ll make it easier for you to quickly grab what you need with open shelving. Don’t try to cram everything into your lower cabinets. If you have the wall space, install shelves.

Open shelving is an opportunity to store your coffee mugs as well. Screw hooks underneath the shelves to hang your mugs. They won’t clutter up precious real estate and make for easy decor in your kitchen.

7. Hang Kitchen Items From Your Ceiling

Free up your countertops and kitchen cabinets by hanging items from your ceiling. Pots and pans can take up a lot of space in your storage areas. Use support beams to fasten strong hooks.

With a small cabin, you should use every bit of space you have, from floor to ceiling. If you don’t want to use hooks to hang your pots, you can also get a pot rack. This is helpful if the ceiling in your kitchen area is high as you can lower the pot rack to your specifications.

8. Use an Unused Corner as Storage Area

If you have a corner of your kitchen that doesn’t seem to have a function, transform it into a useful space. You can hang pegboard on the wall for pots and pans storage. Fasten hooks into the holes for easy hanging.

Underneath the pegboard, place a narrow table. You can use this as an additional workstation or more storage. If you don’t have space for a table, add a fold-down table as we talked about before.

Corners in a room can sometimes be dark. To bring in some life and vibrancy, add in a hanging fern or ivy. It’ll help bring the outside into your small cabin.

If your corner isn’t big enough for a pegboard and a worktable, don’t worry. You can install small shelves into the corner as well. While the space is small, it’s big enough to store kitchen items like cans and bowls.

You can also install shelves to the sides of cabinets, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of people moving around. Store practical items, house plants, or cookbooks.

9. Store Items Above Your Cabinets

If you have empty spaces above your cabinets, don’t leave them empty. This is another area you can store items that you don’t use often. Place items in storage containers or baskets so they’re visually appealing and you can grab them when needed.

There also may be useable space above your stove’s hood. Use that area for smaller items or things you don’t use often.

10. Use the Stairs for Storage

Many tiny homes and small cabins have stairs that go up to a loft area. The stairs provide you with ample opportunities for storing your items.
The sides of the stairs can be open, proving you with open shelving for you to keep your kitchen items. Sometimes stairs can be built with drawers in place. Use those drawers to store towels, washcloths, napkins, and placemats.

If there’s open shelving on the side of your stairs, use baskets or other storage containers. It’ll make everything look nice and neat.

You can also have the top of the stairs pop open so you can store items in them that way. This is a great option for larger kitchen items that you don’t use often.
Incorporate These Kitchen Storage Ideas Into Your Small Cabin

Your space doesn’t have to lose its function just because it’s tiny. There are plenty of kitchen storage ideas for you to incorporate into the design of your small cabin. Have everything you need, right at your fingertips.

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