When downsizing to a smart size living home or going tiny, the biggest concern most people have is about storage. We have put together a list of tips to help you keep down on clutter, and have your smaller closet space staying functional. 

1. Have a plan!

Before you start purchasing organizers for your small closet space make sure you have a game plan. Take measurements of your closet and shelving and draw out a sketch. This will help you when you are purchasing products; or making them so that way you get it right the first time and don’t waste money on things you don’t need. 


2. Create extra storage under hanging clothes

Whether you are adding a small dresser, shoe rack, or installing built-in shelves. Utilizing the dead wall space under your shirts and blouses that are hanging is essential. If you can hang your closet rod on the higher side you can double your hanging space as well. 

3. Use baskets to store smaller items

For shelves on top of your hanging rack using baskets to store seasonal items like scarves, bathing suits, and shoes. This will allow you to store more items with a more organized look. If you have to store more essential items up high add a folding step stool to the bottom of your closet to make it easy to access those items.

4. Take advantage of the back of your door

 Over-the-door shoe organizers are a great way to use that dead space behind your closet door and take up minimal space. If you don’t need more shoe storage, these work great for storing accessories, underwear, and socks as well. 

5. Consider wall hooks or a coat rack

To remove bulky coats and hats from your closet install wall hooks or a coat rack in a dead corner of your bedroom. It is not ideal to feel like your closet is exploding into your bedroom. However, this is an easy way to add a functional decoration to your space.

6. Organize your closet seasonally 

As the season changes get the clothes out of your closet that you are not currently using. Vacuum sealed bags are a great way to cut down on bulk and will keep your clothes fresh for the next season. These are great for under-the-bed storage, on top of shelves, or in your outdoor storage shed. 

7. Don’t forget to declutter on a regular basis

It is essential to evaluate the things you are holding on to if you have a tight space. When you seasonally organize your closet this is a great opportunity to get rid of the things that you didn’t use all season. If you put a hole in your favorite sweater this winter maybe it’s time to retire it.