Why are mother in law suites so desirable in the current market?

As our parents age the biggest questions kids ask themselves is: How do I care for them as well as they cared for me? We are seeing problematic nursing homes rise in the media and the costs of senior living communities soar. As Gen X and Millennials age they are prioritizing their role in their parents lives and moving them in. In Europe and other parts of the world this is common practice, and the American answer to this problem is the mother in law suite

What exactly is a mother in law suite?

Functionally it is a place to keep that level of privacy for mom (or any family member) and the kids alike and keep everything sane. All jokes aside, it is a private living area within a home or on the property. They provide a comfortable, private living space that provides independence and peace of mind. All the specifics really depend on the needs of the resident but they typically include a bedroom, living space and bathroom. 

Big bonuses in mother in law suites are private entrances, kitchens, and laundry facilities. All of the features are definitely premiums but make a long term situation much more comfortable for all parties involved. 

What are my options in building a mother in law suite?

There are a lot of options for where to have dear ol’ mom live:

  • An extra bedroom
  • Finished basement or attic 
  • Home addition
  • Backyard tiny home or suite 

These options are obviously going to change for you based on your space and budget. 

Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom is an obvious choice for people who have that little bit of extra space, but not necessarily the budget to build out something custom for their parents. The main issue with this option is privacy. There is no separate entrance, kitchen or living area. So you will be sharing all of these spaces. While this may seem fine for a temporary option in the long term it may not be the best solution. 

Basement or Attic

Basements and attics are often an open floor plan with plenty of space. They are perfect for customizing out everything mom wants and needs. The problem is that here in Texas basements are extremely rare and attics are extremely hot! This extra space isn’t always easy to come by, and if it is an option you will now lose all of your storage space. 

Home Additions

If you have the budget to take on a big project for your mother in law suite a home addition is an excellent option. While pricey you will be able to plan the whole project and include everything that is needed for your family. The tricky part about home additions is that sometimes you might have to change hallways, demolished bathrooms or do a full layout reconstruction to really make them work. 

Exterior Front of Leland's Chisholm Trail CabinBackyard Suite

Backyard cabins or tiny homes are the ultimate luxury in mother in law suites. Privacy is a key factor here with there being zero shared walls. A lot of these options also include a separate kitchen and laundry facilities making independence key. The downside to this style of separate living is that you have to have the backyard space or property to place it. However, tiny homes can fit in tiny spaces. This floor plan that we offer could be an awesome solution for someone who doesn’t have the largest space (or budget!) to work with. 

The Leland’s Cabins Solution

Here at Leland’s cabins we customize everything to your needs. Whether you need a 3 bedroom home or 400sq foot tiny solution, we are here to help. Our single story prefabricated homes are the perfect option for mom because outside of additional loft storage space everything is on one level. The prefabricated element is also a very nice solution because you don’t have to worry about us being in your backyard for months on end making a mess. We bring in everything assembled and only need minimal time on site until you are ready to live in it. 

Let us help you customize every detail to get mom exactly what she needs and wants. We can include full kitchens or a kitchenette, laundry facilities and obviously she will have her own entrance, with a deck if she would like! Call our team today to start designing your Mother in Law suite. 

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