There’s no better feeling than coming home. The sense of calm, relief, peace.

When you purchase a prefab log cabin with a Texas-made, Texas-proud builder like Leland’s Cabins, those are just the feelings we want you to have. We aim for that sort of satisfaction with every cabin we make.

Take a look at the final steps in our construction process with Part 6 of the “Behind the Build Series,” focusing on delivery and setup of your Leland’s cabin home.

From the floors and walls to our log cabin windows, paint, and roof, as we demonstrated in Part 3 of Leland’s “Behind the Build” series, each step in the building of our cabins is done with care and pride in craftsmanship by our Leland’s team. Since we’re a family-run business, we treat our customers like they’re one of us.

“I grew up in Oklahoma, but I am now a proud Texan,” says Dalton Foster, a Sales Representative at Leland’s. “If you buy with us, you really are part of the Leland’s family.”

Moving Day, Our Favorite

Once the electrical, insulation, walls, and flooring are in, and the cabin building is complete, it’s time for our favorite moment: moving day. For us, this is when we get to play Santa Claus, Fairy Godmother, and the Easter Bunny all in one afternoon.

After the crews have finished at our home base, we load your cabin onto our trucks. While the cabins we build at Leland’s are modular, they’re by no means cookie-cutter. As with your finished cabin, each one we create is tailored to a customer’s specifications. You can see this for yourself when you visit our Log Cabin Showroom in Grandview. We take you through all nine of our cabin models so you can see the variety that’s available to you. Then you sit down with our design experts and decide on what fits with your lifestyle — from the floors to the ceiling to the bathtub.

“We sat down with their folks, and they projected their cabin and tiny house floor plans on a large TV screen where we were able to design exactly what we wanted,” said Leland’s customer Dan Jupe. “We could customize everything, from choosing where we wanted our closets to how big or small we wanted the rooms to be, etc.”

Preparing the Perfect Spot

As the trucks head out on the highway, they’re heading to the perfect spot you’ve selected for your cabin. Long before moving day, you will have nailed down all the details about the land for your new cabin home. Top concerns are making sure there are no ordinances preventing use of your lot, there are no critters like skunks or fire ants burrowed into the ground and already calling it home, and there is clear water drainage when it rains or snows.

Once you’ve selected the spot and laid out a cement slab where the cabin will be placed, you need to clear debris from the area and driveway so our trucks can get there without a problem. They are towing an entire house, so making space for delivery should be a priority. For an example of what moving day looks like, customers Dan and Kay Jupe shared their story of cabin delivery and setup.

Stop By and See Us Today

Leland’s crews are conscientious, and we pay attention to every detail to make sure you’re satisfied. While our cabins are built in just six to eight weeks, we know you’re eager to turn the knob and walk into your new home. Once the crew has lowered it into place, it’s time to seal it all together and make sure it’s on firm footing — whether raised or placed directly on the cement slab.

We want your cabin cozy and watertight. So the last steps in our journey take crewmembers onto the roof. We seal every edge, nook, and cranny so you can ride out whatever Texas weather comes your way as you enjoy your log cabin retreat.

Then it’s time for the Leland’s trucks to drive off into the sunset and let you step over the threshold into your log cabin dream-home. Stop by Grandview today, the largest cabin showroom in Texas, and let us help you take the very first step on the journey. We want you to share the sense of contentment that our other customers have felt in coming home.

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