The Ultimate Christmas Gift

You put up the pre-lit tree, searching through the strands of lights to find the one burned-out bulb preventing half the tree from lighting up. Dusting off the stockings, you discover that stocking stuffer you thought was lost. You hang the wreath as you always do but see that weather stripping is starting to protest the presence of the over-the-door wreath hanger by falling off the door frame.

You spend your time searching online for the perfect gift, knowing you’ll always have a hard time finding the right thing for your daughter’s longtime boyfriend, who is the very definition of a Millennial hipster. While you’d like to buy him a regular haircut and a pair of jeans that don’t include the word “skinny,” you know that won’t go over well.

As usual, you do the best you can, but you know not everyone will be happy with what you choose.

Christmas can be a lot of hassle. But it doesn’t have to be.

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The Family Cabin

Give the gift that will last more than a lifetime. Give your family a cabin where you can all gather to celebrate the holidays together, making new traditions and memories that will build a legacy.

Imagine that instead of a hassle this year, you manage to pick a gift that every member of the family will love. A gift that is more than a moment of joy as it’s unwrapped. This gift will keep on bringing joy year after year. Holidays together, family vacations, long weekends, family reunions—a family cabin will come through for you all year long.

Use it to forge new family traditions. Celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day on August 30 with a long weekend and s’mores by the fire at your cabin, for example. Or make your own holiday, like Sally Got a B in Chemistry Day or Our Kids Finally Movedout of Our Basement Day. Whatever suits your fancy. A family cabin is a flexible gift that will keep rewarding you with more time with your family and an excuse to unplug (but really, don’t forget the iPad for the kids so you can unplug in peace while they’re entertained).

dream login cabin for my family, family cabin, Texas cabin, Lelands Cabins

More Than a Gift

A family cabin is much more than a gift. It’s an investment that will pay you back in dividends of happiness. But if you’re looking for more tangible dividends—after all, you can’t pay the bills with happiness—then a cabin is still a good investment.

When it’s not in use by your family, rent it out. Use it as a vacation rental. You might be surprised what a beautiful cabin goes for at a nightly rate.

You can take to Airbnb to find people interested in renting for a night, a weekend, or even a week or two. Or you can spread the word around the watercooler. A nice, clean place to get away that’s not the same old hotel song and dance is hard to find and very desirable to the right crowd.

Social media makes getting the word out simple too. Let your friends and family know when the cabin is available.

Wherever you put the cabin, you’re also improving the land. You’re increasing your property value, creating more equity in your investment. So even if you plan to keep the cabin all to yourself, it will be well worth the cost.

Cutting Costs

Are you frugal? Does a family cabin seem a bit extravagant? What if we told you it costs less to own a cabin than you might think?

Because of the expert craftsmanship of Leland’s custom cabins, your cabin won’t require much maintenance. Take a look at the options that come with each cabin, such as The Lodge. You can choose the options that best fit you, your budget, and your desired level of maintenance. From hand-hewn log siding to LP Smart Lap siding, the choices are yours. We only use materials that have proven to be durable.

Talk to your insurance agent too, and let him know it’s a custom prefabricated cabin we build here at our headquarters in Grandivew. Insurance for your cabin will be a breeze because of our high-quality construction. You and your agent are more than welcome to come down and check out the cabins in person. We have the largest cabin showroom in Texas.

Take a look at the possibility of treating your cabin like a timeshare too, splitting the time and upkeep expense with extended family. By splitting the responsibility, you’ll be saving even more.

And consider the amount you typically spend on a weekend away. You have the cost of fuel to reach your destination or the price to fly. Add that to the amount you spend on lodging, and you’ll see the cabin pays for itself in vacation and getaway savings.

dream login cabin for my family, family cabin, Texas cabin, Lelands Cabins

Cabins to Buy in Texas

There are many cabins you can buy in Texas. New, used, custom built, prefabricated—the possibilities are endless. But before you buy a cabin anywhere else in Texas, come take a look for yourself at the best gift you can give your family. You’ll be able to see the quality yourself.

We’ll take you on a tour and discuss the different options available for each cabin. You can take a look and imagine your cabin as you want it. Because at Leland’s Cabins, we rarely sell exactly the same cabin twice. We’re able to fully customize any cabin to meet your needs and suit your preferences.

So come take a look.