Which Size Cabin Is Right for You?

Grande or Venti? Short or Tall? Or even Trenta? Whether it’s coffee or a stack of pancakes or the car we drive, we make choices about what size is right for us every day. When it comes to choosing the right size Texas log cabin, Leland’s wants to make it simple.

We know many people spend their lives dreaming of buying a big American home. But that sprawling multi-room abode also comes with a big American mortgage attached to it. Paying for an enormous house can produce a host of other concerns right along with it: When we have to work long hours to pay steep monthly expenses, we’re adding other burdens too. From the toll financial worry takes on our health to the loss of downtime due to constant work, locking into a weighty mortgage doesn’t always seem the smart thing to do.

That’s where Leland’s Cabins comes in. Our prebuilt cabins offer you a wide range of options, from our floor plans and high-end finishes to our price tags. Choose from studio-style spaces that offer lean but stylish living, or expand to two- and even three-bedroom cabins to fit the way you want to live.

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Start Small

With nine cabin models to choose from, Leland’s offers cabins for sale to match any lifestyle, from solo artists needing a devoted space for creativity to families in search of a place to start making memories.

Start with our two leanest floor plans. At under 300 square feet, Rio Bravo and Chisholm Trail are cozy and comfortable spaces that offer the most appealing price tags. For just $18,161 you can call the 216-square-foot Rio Bravo home—our smallest cabin. Perfect for fishing getaways or writing retreats, this model offers an inexpensive way to dive deeper into your hobbies and interests.

The 280-square-foot Chisholm Trail offers a bit more room but at $23,676 still costs less than a car or truck. When you need a space to call your very own, or a little more room than what your current home provides, this is the cabin for you.

Hit in the Middle

If you need a roomier environment for hosting friends or keeping peace in the family, don’t overlook our mid-size cabins like Settlement Harbor and Lone Star. With two bedrooms and two baths, these budget-friendly cabins provide the right amount of square footage for maintaining personal space as well as family harmony, two things we know customers value.

With an attractive, sunny design at 704 square feet, the Settlement Harbor features 12-foot ceilings along with a flexible loft space for storage or extra sleeping room. Enjoy a spacious kitchen and deck it out with our stainless steel appliance package or bring your own. And as with all our cabins, choose the kinds of floors and cabinets you want. Priced at $84,265, our Settlement Harbor cabin provides a great balance of luxury and affordability.

At 832 square feet, the Lone Star is priced only a little higher, at $93,556, allowing customers the spaciousness of a traditional home without the burden of a heavy mortgage. Featuring vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans, separate kitchen and dining area from living room space, and a sunny and open floor plan, the Lone Star is one of our most popular models.

Family Cabin, Texas Cabin, Cabin Living, Lelands Cabins

Go for It

But if real luxury to you means stretching out, step through the door of The Lodge and see what our largest floor plan offers. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this 1,536-square-foot Texas log cabin features a master suite that has to be seen to be believed. Aside from enjoying vaulted ceilings, plank floors, and pine interiors, you can slip into the relaxing waters of a cedar tub each night.

Don’t let the $189,324 cost scare you off. As our most spacious, most luxurious, most decked out cabin model, The Lodge demonstrates that at Leland’s Cabins “rustic” doesn’t have to mean skimping on style or indulgence. But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what other Leland’s customers have had to say.

“One day as we were coming through Grandview, we saw their cabins; so we stopped in,” said Dale and Margie Myatt. “When they were able to customize it with an open floor plan downstairs, we said, ‘This is it!’“

Come see for yourself at one of our cabin showrooms across Texas. Or start by visiting Leland’s Cabins online and telling us what you’re looking for. Our specialists will help you find the cabin size that’s just right for you.

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