Log Hunting Cabins

What comes to mind when you think of a hunting cabin? Luxury and beauty? Or cold nights and a can of beans cooked over the fire?

For Dan and Kay Jupe, a particular vision came to mind when they started looking into purchasing a hunters’ cabin for their property. What they envisioned was more than the typical hunting cabin.

Dan and Kay wanted a hunting cabin that is simple, warm, and inviting. Some place that feels like home away from home. Hunting isn’t only about the sport or providing meat for the family: it’s also about the experience. Dan and Kay wanted their cabin to provide an ideal environment for hunters to enjoy the experience.

Quality was also a concern, because what’s the point of investing in a cabin that won’t make it through more than a couple of hunting seasons? While staying within budget is always important, the Jupes also understand the value of paying for quality craftsmanship. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

With all of this in mind, Dan and Kay started shopping around. After searching and looking at a variety of tiny log cabins, log cabin mobile homes, and other pre-built cabins, Dan and Kay found Leland’s.

Log Cabin Customization

It’s not hard to find a cabin to match your vision at Leland’s. From the smallest cabin to the largest, the cabin floor plans offer something for everyone. The best part of working with Leland’s Cabins is the level of customization the team can offer. Dan and Kay learned that for themselves.

By visiting Leland’s Cabins in Grandview, they were able to see each cabin in person to pick out the pieces they liked the most. The result of their visit was a cabin that’s a combination of The Lonestar and Settlement Harbor models. They chose The Lonestar’s floor plan and the beautiful windows of the Settlement Harbor. The windows let in more natural light, making the spacious cabin feel even larger and brighter.

And the experience couldn’t have been better. The Jupes worked with Sam, one of Leland’s Cabins qualified team members, to iron out the details and plan delivery. “[Sam] has been able to email me and say this is where we’re at on the cabin,” Dan said, happy with the level of communication he received from Sam.

Dan worked on clearing his and Kay’s land so the truck delivering the cabin had plenty of room to maneuver. And then delivery day came, and the whole process culminated in the placement of their beautiful cabin in the exact spot they had prepared.

After delivery and setup, the Jupes added a covered porch to both the front and the rear of the cabin. Once the porches were on, there was one major hiccup with the cabin:

Dan and Kay liked it so much, they weren’t content with only staying in it occasionally when it wasn’t occupied by hunters.

They came up with an easy solution, though. It was to buy a second cabin. So they did. They purchased a second cabin for the hunters and even managed to get it delivered and ready before hunting season.

Choosing a Second Cabin

“As far as quality is concerned with Leland’s Cabins, I think you can’t go wrong,” Dan said. So when it came to their second cabin, Dan and Kay didn’t waste time shopping around. They went straight to Leland’s.

And the second cabin they chose was The Brazos. “It’s a two-bedroom, one-bath with a kitchen and a living room,” Dan said about his new hunters’ cabin. “Most hunters don’t even have that.”

As for the process involved in choosing his cabin, Dan said Leland’s staff “made it real easy” to “perceive what we were going to get,” even with the customized floor plan in the first cabin.

Dan and Kay are both confident that Leland’s Cabins stands by their product. “If we see a little flaw, then boom. We know they’ll fix it,” Dan said.

“Leland’s has been great working with us,” Kay said of the experience. “They answered all our questions.”

Preparing the Land

Because of their first cabin delivery, Dan and Kay didn’t need to do much to prep for the delivery of the second cabin. As with the first, they chose a fairly level spot in an ideal location. After preparing the foundation, the site was ready. With plenty of open space, the delivery was simple.

The Jupes chose to pour a concrete slab for their foundation. The prebuilt cabin was delivered and set on piers on the concrete slab. Once a cabin is set on its piers, then skirting can be used to further beautify it.

The second cabin the Jupes chose, The Brazos, features two large bedrooms, a bathroom, a full-size kitchen, and a stackable washer and dryer. It’s the perfect cabin for hunters. And in the off-season, it’s the perfect spot to host guests who have come to visit.

Your Vision

What kind of cabin are you dreaming of? Does a hunters’ cabin sound enticing? What about a little spot in the woods where you can get away to recharge? Or how about a big cabin where you and the family can go to celebrate holidays together?

Whatever you’re envisioning, we are here and ready to help you make your dream a reality. Come visit us in Grandview where you can see the largest cabin showroom for yourself.