Summer Traditions

Did you have summertime traditions as a child? You know, those things you did that made summer feel like it was finally here? Maybe it was swimming in your favorite water hole, lighting your first sparkler or firecracker of the year, or taking that road trip to see Grandma and Grandpa. Whatever it was, it’s stuck with you.

What about your summer traditions now that you’re an adult? You don’t have to let go of the fun. Actually, according to the experts, making sure to include fun and time off in your life will make you more productive and better able to tackle all the adulting that’s expected of you.

So, do you have summer traditions? Here are a few examples to help you level up the fun.

1. Ice Cream!

What better way is there to kick off the summer than with a spoonful of your favorite ice cream? All the cool kids are staying chill with frosty treats all summer long. Visit your local ice cream shop and try every flavor they have.

And if you’re dairy-free, then take a gander at this list of the best non-dairy ice cream out there. While it might mean a trip to the nearest supermarket, deliciousness awaits. Make seeking out these delightful tubs of goodness an adventure of its own.

Suggested Ages for This Activity:

This is definitely a tradition for all ages. Any potential road trip to find the perfect frozen treat should be short enough for even the worst travelers.

2. Embrace the Freedom.

As a kid, do you remember that feeling when the bell rang on the last day of school? That feeling was freedom. It felt like your world opened up and suddenly it was full of incredibly fun possibilities that had previously been out of reach because you were in school all day long.

You knew for the next few months, the dusk-to-dawn street lamps were your only indication that you had any kind of schedule to keep to. The world had so much potential between the time those lights went off and when they came back on.

It’s time to open yourself back up to that feeling. Set out at the beginning of the day to find fun, and go seek it out. Maybe pack a tent and a sleeping bag, and see where the weekend takes you. Or just start walking, letting yourself see what there is to see. Talk to the people you usually rush by on your way to this or that. Sit in the coffee shop from which you’ve only ever purchased a cup to go. Change your routine and embrace a no-schedule-to-keep outlook for a day or weekend.

Suggested Ages for This Activity:

Letting the day take you where it will works best if you’re past or before the age of nap times. Although, a nap in that coffee shop would definitely be a change of pace for you.


3. Ride a Bike.

How long has it been since you’ve been on a bike? As a kid, there was nothing cooler than being able to ride your bike all over. It was your wheels, your transportation, your ticket to mostly untethered freedom. Sure, you had to wear the helmet, but you do like having your brains in your skull as an adult. Thanks, helmet.

Plan a series of bike-riding excursions. Why a series? Because if you haven’t ridden a bike since you got your driver’s license, then you might discover you’ll be sore in a host of places after an all-day bike ride you haven’t worked up to.

Explore the long list of available biking options. If you live in the Texas Hill Country, then check out these bike trails. The state parks also offer a trail for about any area of Texas. Take a look and see if something strikes your fancy.

And if you don’t want to buy a bike, you can always rent one for a leisurely ride here or there.

If you have kids, they’re especially going to love this activity. Just remember to plan the length of your trail in accordance with your and their stamina. Being stuck in the middle of a 12-mile bike trail with a worn out and whining kid won’t feel like something you’ll want to repeat every year.

Suggested Ages for This Activity:

It depends on the length of the bike ride, but start with about age 1 and up. There are a lot of options for riding with a small child, and you might be surprised how much your kiddo enjoys it.

4. Go Swimming or Stay In.

Do we need to talk this one through? You live in Texas. You know the summers can be brutal. And you’re not always up for dealing with the heat. There are times when taking the short walk to check the mail means instant sweat.

So make a family rule: When the temperature is above a certain temperature, you spend time outside in a body of water or you stay in and play your favorite games. Or come up with a new activity, like making slime. Introduce a kid to making their own slime, and you’ll have entertainment for hours.

Suggested Ages for This Activity:

All ages. Who doesn’t like swimming, playing games, and generally having fun? Okay, newborns. You got me.

5. Go to the Cabin.

Nothing says summer has begun quite like doing all of the above-suggested activities from your summer base of operations. Make your custom cabin from Leland’s your summer headquarters, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start these traditions sooner.

Having a place where you and your family can escape every now and then during the summer to spend time getting away from the daily routine of life will be the best summer tradition you can start.

If it’s just you, you’ll be giving yourself permission to relax, unwind, and ignore the work emails that really can wait until you’re back anyway. You’ll be putting yourself at the top of your list, which will flow over into everything else in your life, giving you a more balanced outlook in everything you do.

If you are part of a full house, you’ll be setting the best example possible. You’ll be showing those little people in your life that hard work isn’t the only important thing in life. Hard work is part of the equation, but there is a thing called priorities, and connecting and bonding with your family is at the top of that priority list.

We would love to help you start your summer cabin tradition. Come see us at our headquarters in Grandview, and one of our cabin specialists will be happy to tell you about our handcrafted, high-quality cabins. Our cabins are an investment that will pay you back in the years to come.

Suggested Ages for This Activity:

Every age. It’s never too soon or too late in life to enjoy a Leland’s Cabin.