The last step in bringing your Leland’s Cabins home to life includes installing the HVAC, plumbing, lighting, and kitchen cabinets. Each step in the construction process—as we showed in Part 4 which demonstrated installation of the electrical, walls, floors, and insulation—moves your pre-built cabin along from an idea in your imagination to a building with four walls and a ceiling. One that you can call your very own.

Once the electrical is in place and the walls and floors are in, it’s time to make your space as comfortable as possible. And with Texas’ record-breaking hot summers averaging well into the 90s for June, July, and August and only getting hotter, you’ll need to run the air conditioner nonstop. Our HVAC system is designed to keep you snug in those winter months but also cool throughout the long dog days.

You can take our word for it or check out what other Leland’s Cabins buyers have expressed. “The split unit air conditioners we just love,” say customers Stacy and Gary Moseley. “We turn it down so cold we gotta cover up good to sleep!”

A Good Set of Pipes

We want you singing in the shower and the tub, especially if you’ve selected The Lodge floor plan with our gorgeous cedar soaking tub. Once we install the plumbing for the hot-water heater and pipes to feed the bathrooms and kitchen, you’re that much closer to relaxing with a hot bath and a delicious meal in your prefab log cabin.

Next we hang the cabinetry, which is another point of pride for our Leland’s team. Our basic cabinets are made of pine wood with a flat-panel design that offers a clean, streamlined look. Upgrade to premium cabinets of rustic hickory, or to premium plus cabinets built from a luscious coffee pecan. All options showcase the wood’s beauty and richness and further enhance the sense of bringing the outdoors inside.

The kitchen is often the heart of the house, and our Leland’s design team is willing to work with you on placement of windows, pantry, appliances, and counters. Talk to our Leland’s team and any of our prefab log cabin dealers around the state. A designer will help you create the custom cabin of your dreams.

Trust in the Leland’s Name

We know you have plenty of prefab log cabin makers to choose from, but we hope you choose Leland’s Cabins for its commitment to craftsmanship and pride in hard work. Our roots as Texas log cabin builders run deep. Started as a construction business by Leland Ulrich and his father and brothers, the family began building portable storage sheds before branching out into building homes.

It was in 2003 when Leland and his cousin Corey launched Leland’s Industries, specializing in backyard sheds. But soon the cousins noticed a new trend: customers were purchasing sheds and transforming them into backyard cabins. Customers began asking them to custom-build the cabins into higher-end living spaces. By 2006, custom cabins were added to their list of products.

With a goal of letting buyers create a cabin that is uniquely their own, Leland and Corey forged ahead with a business plan that included a design team. Customers could sit down with the design experts to create the floor plans that fit with their lifestyle and imagination. And their goal: delivering these custom cabins to buyers in just six to eight weeks.

We hope you’ll come explore the business that Leland and his cousin built. Contact us today online about your log custom-made cabin. And then hop in the car and come say hello at our Grandview, Texas, showroom where you can walk through all nine of our cabin models and see the craftsmanship for yourself. We’ll supply the sweet tea; you bring the imagination.

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