Looking back on 2020 thus far, we can all agree that this year has brought about a lot of change in our lives, especially to our normal family routines and habits. While many have experienced difficult times, joyful moments, and unexpected blessings this year, adjusting to the constant change and unknowns has brought upon a new set of challenges for millions of Americans all over the country. You may have started your year commuting to and from work every day, dropping off and picking up your kids from school, spending your weekends out of the house with your family, and even taking vacations every now and then.

The “normal” that your family was so used to probably looks very different now. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents have started working from home and schools everywhere have transitioned to a virtual learning platform as stay-at-home mandates have been put in place. Right now more than ever for parents, ensuring your kids are attending their virtual classes while still having to work from home can not only be very stressful to manage but can make your home feel very cramped as well.

In fact, that one room in your house that you used as a part-time office may now house both you and your spouse, while the kitchen table has become the new classroom for your kids. As humans, we all need that one area in our homes that is distraction-free and inspires us to be productive.

At Leland’s Cabins, we understand that right now you may not have that space in your home for everyone in the family to be as productive as possible, and we want to help.

While cabins and tiny houses are often seen as homes or smaller dwelling units, they are much more versatile than just being living space. If you need a quiet place for your kids to go focus on their virtual education, a tiny home could become their new classroom. On the other hand, maybe that office you have been sharing with your spouse needs to become two instead of one – a tiny home can become your very own workplace, breakroom, and all.

Worrying about having space in your backyard isn’t an issue either, Leland’s Cabins builds units that range from 1,500 square feet all the way down to 216 square feet, with a wide array of choices in-between to fit your needs.

However, you may be thinking, “I could build that office or classroom space in my backyard, but what would we use it for when things go back to normal?”, and the answer to that question is whatever you need it for. You can keep it as an office space, turn it into a guest house for when family visits, transform it into your own backyard gym (and cancel that expensive workout membership you have), or even make it the designated hangout for your kids and their friends.

Even though this year has been tough on everyone, Leland’s Cabins wants to make it easier for your family while going through this stressful time. If you are curious about learning more information, you can fill out a form or go ahead and give us a call. We look forward to meeting you!