An Office or Classroom in Your Own Back Yard

Looking back on 2020 thus far, we can all agree that this year has brought about a lot of change in our lives, especially to our normal family routines and habits. While many have experienced difficult times, joyful moments, and unexpected blessings this year, adjusting to the constant change [...]

2023-08-29T19:05:02+00:00October 13th, 2020|classroom, Office, Smart Size Living|

Client Testimonial 2: Leland’s Builds a Cabin for a Texas School

In working to create an outdoor learning center with All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler, Texas, it was clear that we couldn’t think about the outdoor areas as separate from the indoor ones. Both were a top priority, and the two needed to work in harmony. All Saints partnered [...]

2023-05-03T21:17:49+00:00November 9th, 2018|classroom|
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