Client Testimonial: Terry and Brenda Burns

There may not be as much home to decorate at the Burns place this year, but Brenda Burns and her husband Terry made sure that there’d be enough windows and outlets to display their Christmas candle lights. The Burns family grew up as families do. Their kids became adults [...]

2023-05-01T17:44:47+00:00December 24th, 2019|Downsizing|

Tools That Will Help You Downsize

Tired of Your Oversized Home? These Tools Will Help You Downsize Do you find yourself dreaming of a smaller home while spending your Saturdays dusting guest bedrooms and vacuuming the stairs? As beautiful as they are, big homes become burdensome over time, especially as we grow older. Rather than [...]

2023-05-01T17:50:51+00:00November 5th, 2019|Smart Size Living|

Client Testimonial: Richard and Marsha Oliver

Inviting someone into your home is an intimate gesture that happens a lot less these days with everyone’s busy schedules. Guests get to see how you live, what you like, and maybe even get a little glimpse of the mess you keep meaning to clean. Our home says a [...]

2023-05-01T17:52:41+00:00October 24th, 2019|Testimonial|
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