There may not be as much home to decorate at the Burns place this year, but Brenda Burns and her husband Terry made sure that there’d be enough windows and outlets to display their Christmas candle lights.

The Burns family grew up as families do. Their kids became adults and moved into places of their own leaving Terry and Brenda with a lot of empty space to maintain and heat in the winter. With their retirement approaching, they began talking about cabins.

“What made us choose Leland’s was because we met Carol. Everything we asked for, Carol said ‘Yes, we could do that.’” The Burns got to customize their cabin with French doors, Trex porching, and beautiful flooring. But Carol also showed them other customizations Leland’s Cabins offers. The Burns love their stain wall and kitchen island that gives more functionality to the cabin’s open concept plan. “Carol made it happen. Everything we asked for.”

Terry knew from building a home in the past how important having enough electrical outlets in all the right spaces can be. He didn’t want to deal with cords everywhere. He and his wife worked with the cabins team to design their retirement home with everything they needed to happily downsize.

The Burns’ first family Christmas in their new Leland’s cabin is already looking and feeling like home. From the moment you pull up and are greeted with wreaths, rich red ribbon, and sparkling white lights you feel an invitation to come inside and rest. Now that there is less to clean and maintain the Burns can enjoy having more time to rest with family and friends this year.

Leland’s Cabins has had the honor of helping many families downsize without feeling as though they have lost anything. If you’re considering moving to something smaller let us show you a design that you’ll look forward to calling home.