Inviting someone into your home is an intimate gesture that happens a lot less these days with everyone’s busy schedules. Guests get to see how you live, what you like, and maybe even get a little glimpse of the mess you keep meaning to clean. Our home says a lot about who we are and what we value from the pictures on the walls to the furniture we use. It’s an honor to be trusted enough to be welcomed into someone’s home but to be asked to build someone’s home is an even greater honor.

Richard and Marsha Oliver were met by Carol when they came to our Grandview, TX showroom. They wanted to be able to visualize what their home could look like, so Carol gave them a tour of all nine of our models. From our smaller homes the Rio Bravo at 216 square feet and the Chisholm Trail at 336 square feet to the 3-bedroom, 2-bath The Lodge at 1,526 square feet and The Ponderosa at 1,288 square feet, also with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the Olivers were able to truly imagine what we could build. They decided to trust us to craft a perfect home for them.

The couple chose our best-selling Lone Star model and customized it. “We did so many changes. Carol was so accommodating.” 

The Olivers were impressed by our ability to customize their cabin. We moved walls to give them a bigger master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. We cut the size of the second bedroom down by half and turned the other bathroom into a half bathroom instead, giving more room where they needed it most and creating the perfect space for their home office. 

Our new friends were concerned that downsizing to a 960-square-foot home would mean giving up their favorite furniture, but with their furniture’s measurements, our team was able to put their minds at ease. Carol showed the Olivers’ what their layout would look like including their furniture and all but two pieces fit perfectly. 

During the build process, our production crew sent a photo update so Marsha and Richard could see their home coming alive with its beautiful all-natural wood and chestnut colors that fit in so well with their ranch theme. 

Now nestled on a picturesque property in Liberty Hill, Texas and encircled by live oaks, we delivered the Olivers’ new home that fits perfectly with its surroundings. 

When the Olivers invited us to their home, taking us to see the view from the custom porches they declared, “What an outstanding craftmanship they did on the porches! We are so pleased.” 

Leland’s Cabins has been entrusted to build homes for many people, but we work with our customers to design something unique to each of them. We know that a home is an expression of who they are as individuals. We never take for granted the honor it is when we are invited to build homes for people like Richard and Marsha Oliver.

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