I’m a single woman who works from home. As a creative writer, I need my creative workspace to be simple so as not to distract me. Creatives like me need to be able to look up from our work and find inspiration in our environment. I have fallen in love with the Single Slope Rio Bravo.

The soft colors of its contemporary design hush the busyness in my head from the moment I close the door behind me and step onto the gunstock oak laminate flooring. Sometimes I want to sit on the small plush sectional with my feet up, using my lap as a desk. But first, I light a candle while the built-in two-burner cooktop heats my teapot to a whistle. It’s the sound that begins my day.

The tiny 12×20 house has high windows that welcome the sun to illuminate the small space and stir my imagination. Natural light seems to make everything come alive and look more beautiful. The windows keep me in touch with the season’s mood, even on rainy days. They remind me that no matter what is happening around me, there’s always a warm, dry place of shelter and hope. And, so, I write about that place on my stormy days.

I look up from my screen and admire the craftsmanship of the cabinet maker. Indeed, he, too, is an artist. The custom Murphy bed and table, built-in bookshelves, and flat panel pine cabinetry with no slam doors are all handcrafted. Even the lines in the wood remind me of the greatest artist and Creator.

The Rio Bravo is small, but strong. Its no-nonsense features have everything I need to entice me to stay comfortable. A complete bathroom includes a 32-inch shower, an on-demand water system, and heat and air. It also consists of an exhaust fan above the cooktop, which is handy when I get distracted while cooking. My only contribution to this near turn-key home office getaway is my apartment-sized stainless-steel refrigerator and my couch. It’s the least I can do for this big personality tiny house that has invited me in every day to explore my imagination as I work to produce something that will add value to the world.

I use to go from café to café to work. I wasn’t in charge of the thermostat and I had to make food and beverage purchases even if I wasn’t hungry. Children crying, people talking loudly on their phones, and other distractions hinderd my work. You know what I mean if you work remotely. The Single Slope Rio Bravo is an affordable solution built to last with its Wilsonart countertops and composite shingle roof. With its exterior board and batten siding, this, like all of Leland’s Cabins, is customizable.

If you want a creative space to work, a home office that understands your needs as an artist, and a place that will inspire you, then imagine yourself in your very own Single Slope Rio Bravo.