By Guest Blogger, Rebecca Gates

When I was a child I was terrified of the closet. I’d lay in bed with one eye peeking out from
under my covers watching for any sign of movement because I was convinced there were
monsters waiting to attack the minute I turned my back.

Now that I’m older I’m terrified of my closets for the monstrosity that lies in wait to pounce on me
the minute I open the door. Lurking in the dark is a mess so grotesque that it causes me to
dread my favorite season of the year because with spring comes spring cleaning and that
means I must face my fear and clean out some closets.

Once everything has been puled out and sorted I can see the space I have to work with while
also knowing what belongs back in there. I use buckets to combine items that go together. I
have a batteries bucket, a larger bucket for light bulbs, a bucket for wrapping supplies and a
shelf for tissue paper. Whatever your closet contains, just pair the items in a way that’ll make it
easier to find what you need without tearing it all apart. Large items can stand alone but smaller
items should be contained with dividers or bins. Labeling shelves and bins is helpful, it’s also
pretty impressive to show off to your friends. My closets are never quite that impressive, but I
have added some large, deep and wide shelves in the back and a piece I found at a home
improvement store that adds several small cubbies along another wall. I used a wreath hook
over the door to hang gift bags and a small trash can to store wrapping paper upright in a

The Key...

The key to an orderly closet is to not be too efficient. If everything has to fit perfectly without a
bit of wiggle room it’s not going to be easy to maintain. If I have to dig too deeply, that monster
will return real quick. Besides, I am not the only one who is going to be digging around in there.
The others haven’t put in the work to organize it so they will care much less about protecting the
closet’s perfection than I do.

So as the spring weather begins to tease us with a few warmer days, motivating us with it’s
sunny rays, think about how you will conquer the monster in your closets. Be brave and go in
with a plan of attack! You’ll sleep better and feel better once the clutter is gone.