Here at Leland’s Cabins, we like cookies as much as the next guy. Shortbread, chocolate chip, oatmeal. We’ll enjoy a plate of them all. We like them so much that we often have them freshly baked for you to enjoy during your visit to our showroom! But what we’re not about is cookie cutters for everyone—meaning products made to look exactly the same and lacking individuality. We work with When you work with a prefab cabin builder like Leland’s, we encourage you to put your individual imprint on your designs. After all, our mission is to build the cabin of your dreams.

There are other cabin builders that might offer one or two options for you to select from, but at Leland’s, we give you opportunities to personalize features from the roof above your head to the floors beneath your feet. Instead of going with an ordinary prefab home or cabin from some other builder, you can work with Leland’s Cabins and make your getaway home extraordinary. In your search for the perfect home, you will also find builders that are

retro-fitting a shed and call it a cabin. We love sheds as well and sell lots of them, but we know the difference between a shed and a cabin. Leland’s gives you a well-built cabin.

We understand that some buyers have many building talents themselves and want a cabin shell that they can finish out. The market is flooded with options for you. We want the best for your project, and can build a cabin shell that you can finish out, with the same roof pitch as our finished out cabins, and same structural supports that you will benefit from when doing the interior finish out. We will work with you on window placements, and exterior door placements, so you are ready to start your project!

At Leland’s, we’re different. We take pride in building the finest custom cabins you’ll find anywhere. From the moment you enter our showroom or contact us online, we’ll consult with you to turn the cabin home of your imagination into a tangible home you can step inside and enjoy. Here’s how we do it.

Come Sit Down With Our Designers

We start with a visit online or at our cabin showroom, where you can tell us a bit about yourself and what you want in a pre-built cabin. Will you use it as an artist’s retreat, where you can paint or make ceramics without disruption? Are you looking to have a family getaway, where you and your loved ones can escape the city and enjoy the slower pace of

nature’s beauty? Or are you hoping for a sportsman’s paradise, where you can slip away from the workweek for a few days’ fishing and hiking?

Once our designers know more about you and your lifestyle, then we can start building a cabin that will be the perfect fit. Perhaps the smaller, studio-sized cabins are well-suited to your need for an artist’s retreat? Or maybe you’re hoping to find a cabin that provides separate bathrooms and bedrooms for your family, so peace and privacy are part of every vacation?

What Makes You Happy?

Once we have a sense of what size structure suits your needs—from our small custom cabins like the 216-square-foot Rio Bravo, to our mid-size custom cabins like the Lone Star at 832 square feet, or to our large cabin homes like the 1,536-square-foot The Lodge—then we’ll talk with you more about features that might appeal to your interests.

Do you like a lot of sunshine? Consider a bank of windows above the doorway that lets light spill into your open living area, as with the Settlement Harbor cabin’s floor plan. What about cooking? If your kitchen space matters above all other rooms, let us know. We’ll move a window to let you look outdoors while you prep vegetables, or widen the refrigerator area if you’re bringing in specialty kitchen appliances.

What about closet space for stowing your outdoor gear or art supplies? We can move or expand closets as you see fit. Our floor plans feature flexible layouts, and our designers can use creativity to mesh your needs with your wants.

Let’s Get Started Today

We know there are plenty of cabin builders for you to choose from, but we hope you see Leland’s Cabins as standing out from the pack. We’re Texas built and Texas proud, and our craftsmen bring heart and soul to the cabins we build. We want to get started building the dream cabin you’ve been imagining. Come to our showroom in Grandview and sit down on the porch in our easy chair. We’ll share some cookies and talk options.

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