An important part of purchasing a factory built, certified, modular cabin is ensuring that you are ready for delivery day. While the actual construction of your modular cabin is done in a factory, there are still site-specific requirements to ensure the successful installation.

In this guide, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to properly prepare your site for your new modular cabin.

Checklist for Site Readiness

1. Choosing the Right Site

The first step in site preparation is to choose the right location for your cabin. The ideal site will be level, well-drained, and have good soil conditions. Avoid areas with a high water table or any signs of draining issues. It’s also important to ensure that your chosen site is accessible for delivery trucks and installation equipment.

One of the benefits of a modular built cabin is that while you may need to clear some debris for installation, usually you do not have to clear mature trees. This leaves a smaller footprint on your land than a site build will.

2. Permits and Regulations

Before you begin any work on your site, it’s important to research and comply with all local zoning and building regulations. You may need to obtain certain permits or approvals before you can begin any site preparation. Be sure to check with your local government to ensure that you comply with all regulations before starting any work on your site. If you are part of an HOA or POA you will want to make sure to read your covenant agreements well before installation.

3. Preparation of the Foundation

The foundation of your modular cabin plays a critical role in the stability and durability of the building. Your foundation must be able to support the weight of your cabin to ensure it remains level as time passes. This may require compacting the site and removing roots or rocks in the area. There are many options for your foundations such as pier and beam, slab, or crawl space.

After you have made your final choices your cabin and foundation, our engineering team will ensure the engineered plan shows the proper connection points for your foundation.

Site preparation for delivery

4. Utilities

Utilities are the next consideration for your site. These include plumbing, electrical, and gas lines. You should start this process by checking with your local providers. You need to make sure utility lines extend to your site, and the location of existing utility lines need to be noted to avoid any accidental disruptions. We always recommend calling 811 to find out where utilities run before any site preparation starts.

5. Driveway

It’s important to ensure that the access road or driveway is suitable for delivery and installation trucks. This may involve widening the road and trimming back overhanging branches to ensure a safe and easy delivery. We can provide you with exact specifications for your delivery.

6. Site Clean-Up

The final step is a site clean up. You may need to remove any remaining debris and level out the surface once more. Double check your site for rocks, tree roots, or large debris that may have been moved during the other preparations.

7. Delivery and Installation of Your Modular Cabin

The installation of your new modular cabin will require a crew with expertise in the installation of these types of homes. The transportation and installation of your modular cabin is usually overseen by the manufacturer to ensure that all required steps are taken to secure your new home.

Installed Cabin

We are here to guide you along the way!

The team at Leland’s Cabins, America’s Premier Cabin Company, has been delivering cabins for over 30 years. We will work to ensure that the process is as painless as possible for you. Make sure to let your sales expert know where you are placing your cabin on you property. Providing photos or videos can help to ensure a great delivery.

Proper site preparation is essential when installing a factory-built certified modular cabin. Choosing the right site, obtaining all necessary permits and approvals, preparing the foundation, ensuring utilities are in place, creating a suitable driveway, and site clean-up ensure a successful installation. Set your cabin up for success with the proper site preparation, and enjoy your cabin for years to come.