Decorating Your Loft Space

Whether you’re a tiny home enthusiast or AirBnB aficionado, you know that the best way to maximize your space is with a loft. With the seemingly boundless opportunities for creative use of space, these ladder-accessible nooks offer much-needed privacy and a chance to decorate the getaway of your dreams.

Despite their small appearance, the loft’s versatility is mighty. If you’re considering getting one of Leland’s Cabins for you and your spouse to live in full-time or as a summer getaway, these nooks make a great bedroom. With about 4’ of headroom, airy wall colors open up the space while bright accents give pops of color and personality. For a back wall, consider airy periwinkles, blues, or yellows, paired with a bold bedspread for a sleeping space that really shines. Scour the local antique stores for an old steam trunk to use as a dresser and nightstand. They’re excellent conversation pieces with decades of character. Top the loft off with a string of LED fairy lights, and voila – a private oasis in your tiny home.

Try hanging a plant or two from macrame plant hangers in front of the loft window, opting for low-maintenance spider plants, air plants, or pothos – silk plants work too – for a simple aesthetic that warms up any space.

Lofts are also a perfect way to give kids and teenagers some privacy when space is limited. Teens especially can need to recharge on their own while on vacation. A nook can be an excellent getaway for moments like those. Bright bean bags ad accent pillows give kids fun and function. To help make your teens or kids part of the decorating process, string a clothesline with miniature clothespins along one wall so they can hang up their drawings or photos with friends for a home away from home. Add bins to hide away books and toys so your kids can enjoy their own zone – and you can enjoy a toy-free living room.

If you’re eager for a loft but don’t necessarily need a whole lot of extra sleeping room, consider building a book nook. Try a nest of pillows surrounded by low bookshelves, fairy lights, and a good reading lamp. Reading nooks are a wonderful way to unplug from the hum of everyday living and prime for relaxing on a lazy Saturday with a cup of coffee. Use light-colored bookshelves and vibrant pillows with bold patterns, as well as some fleecy throws, for a space that is both welcoming and uniquely tailored to your personal aesthetic. Pop a small record player into the corner and enjoy some alone time curled up with a good book, sudoku, or crossword puzzles in your private getaway from the too-fast outside world.

Loft spaces have seemingly endless uses. Do you have one? Let us know how you utilize yours in the comments below!