Choosing the right flooring is one of the best ways to add a personalized ambiance to your cabin,but because floors are often the highest-wearing part of your space, it’s important to understand your options for material, finish, and care. Understanding the choices you make when it comes to flooring can help to give you the peace of mind and assurance you look for when making decisions that you hope will stand the test of time.

At Leland’s we offer three main flooring types, each of which comes in various colors. Our first option is Elements Laminate flooring collection by INHAUS. This laminate comes in three colors: Brazilian Walnut, Saratoga Pine, and Gunstock Oak, and has an AC3 durability rating.The Elements collection also comes with a 20 year warranty, so you can rest assured that these floors can endure many years, even spanning beyond a full generation. These floors feature a classic wood grain, 4-sided beveled edge for a natural feel, and wax coated edges to protect from spills seeping through the cracks.

We also offer selections from the Precious Highlands Laminate collection, also by INHAUS, as our premium flooring option. This collection comes in two colors, Russet Oak and Kimer Hickory, both of which come with a textured wood finish, an ISO wax finish, and beveled edges.These floors offer the easy care, budget-friendly benefits of laminate flooring with more of the premium qualities that we associate with wood flooring, like texture and depth of color. In addition to their premium aesthetics, these 12mm floors have an AC4/32 durability rating,making them suitable for both commercial and residential spaces. These floors come with a 25year warranty, giving an even further guarantee of their durability.

Both of these floors are made of a highly durable laminate material. In general, laminate floors need certain consistent care, but none of it is very extensive or involved. Laminate flooring can sometimes buckle or warp if left wet for long periods of time, but both of our laminate options are wax sealed which hugely diminishes the probability of water seeping through the cracks. Aside from keeping them dry, these floors just need the usual sweeping and occasional mopping,preferably with microfiber mop heads which will not allow water to pool as easily. General floor care, like keeping your pets’ nails clipped, is always advisable.

In addition to these two laminate options, we also offer a premium plus flooring option :wood flooring by Harris Wood Floors, which comes in Hickory Mustang Brown, Hickory Caramel,and Birch Sable. These floors come in 3/8” planks with Harris Wood Floors’ finish Loc finish system, which helps to lock in the finish to further protect the floors. They also come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you can set the floors in and effectively forget about them from then on out: no matter what happens, you’ll be covered. These floors offer a perfect mix of beautiful,natural aesthetics, premium workmanship, and extreme durability.

Harris recommends caring for their floors by simply keeping up on sweeping and dry cleaning,and occasionally using a no-wax cleaner. They specifically recommend Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner and Roberts Laminate & Wood Cleaner, but any no-wax cleaner should work. Harris also notes that due to the very tough finish on their floors, things like apparent nail-scratches on the finish from pets will often actually be slight indentations into the wood, as the finish will be too tough to scratch. As usual, preventative measures are recommended.

Floors are a highly personal aspect of your cabin, and can often be further accented by carpets and whatever furniture you decide to place on them, significantly coloring the feel of your space.Our options ensure that whatever vision you have for your cabin can be accommodated, whether it’s aesthetic or functional. The fact that this guide to caring for your cabin floors can be so brief bears witness to the fact that we choose our floors–like all other components of our cabins–to be durable, timeless, and beautiful, without limiting your customizability options when it come to materials or aesthetics.