From routine cabin care to insect prevention and more, this post covers 5 products that you’ll want to keep on hand year-round for cabin maintenance.

These are the products that are must-haves for every cabin and that you’ll want to use again and again!

5 Must-Have Products for Cabin Maintenance & Tips for Using Them:

1. Caulk

Many log homes use caulk between their logs to create a seal that keeps out airflow, water, and pests. Caulk can also be used in corners where logs meet or if there are cracks that go along the logs.

If there are areas of your cabin that have cracks (larger than 1/4″ inch), add caulk to seal it up. Delaying sealing cracks can cause damage to the logs or allow cold air or pests to get in your home.


2. Insecticide Spray

In a cabin, the types of bugs you encounter range from pesky invaders to downright destructive. Carpenter bees and carpenter ants in particular can cause severe damage to log homes.

Keep an insecticide on hand so that you can quickly respond to bugs in and around your home. This is a product that you’ll be extra thankful to have ready when the time comes to use it!


3. Stain or Sealer

A log stain or sealer is important to keep on hand year-round to touch up any areas that need it.

Stain is a protective layer on your logs that helps prevent damage from dirt, bugs, and weather. Keeping your stain intact is one of the best ways to preserve the longevity of your logs.

When it comes time for a complete re-stain, here’s A Guide To Staining Your Log Home.


4. Backer Rod

Backer rod is made of foam and it’s what goes in the cracks between your logs before chinking or caulking. The benefits of backer rod are that it provides insulation and a cushion for the logs as they expand and contract.

You want to keep backer rod on hand because if you have a large gap in your logs (or a crack) backer rod should be added before you caulk.


5. High-Reach Dusting Kit

While this product is more for cleaning than maintenance, it’s an essential part of cabin care. A frequent question that new cabin owners have is: ‘how do I clean hard to reach places?

This product is the answer! It’s a duster that’s able to extend and reach high areas easily.


This post was written by Megan Schetzsle of The Cabin Diary and originally appeared here.

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