No matter what you use your cabin for, there are many reasons why you may want some extra space. Whether you use your cabin as a vacation home, an office, or even as your main living space, extra storage space can be useful to use as a workshop, for your building materials or vehicles, or just as a way to declutter your home. Although most cabins have enough storage space for the essentials, if you have extra gear or supplies, you may find that you need a bit more.

If you need additional space for your seasonal gear or tools, there are a variety of small sheds to choose from. If all you need is to store your lawnmower and garden shears, then a utility shed would serve you well, providing a robust and simple space to store your tools. The small size means that installation is a breeze, and the radiant barrier roof, moisture barrier floor, and 7-year warranty on the utility shed in our Defender series ensures that whatever you need to store will be safe for years to come.

Some people need a bit more space, whether it’s for more building materials, a wide range of workshop tools, or farm equipment. A lofted barn works great as a storage space with a bit of extra organization and more room to work with, meaning that you can store larger mechanical equipment, bulk gardening or farming supplies, or building supplies for any type of project you may be working on. High-quality construction ensures that your structure will be safe against wind and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about protecting what’s inside. Larger metal barns are available from Leland’s Metal, if you really need a lot of space to work with.

If you need even more space for large machinery or bulk supplies or expect that your studio will benefit from metal construction, the XL Workshop will fit the bill. Starting at 40 feet wide, this workshop can be used for larger-scale workshop activities like automotive and mechanical repair, as well as larger-scale woodworking or workshop activity that requires a large team. As usual, there are various customizability options so you can tailor the structure to your specific needs.

We have a variety of offerings from Leland’s Barns and Lelands Metal that can simply make life at your cabin that much nicer. We offer two types and sizes of children’s playhouses that can keep your kids entertained for years on end, as well as the Teahouse, a type of covered gazebo that can be great for outdoor meals, entertaining guests, or spending time outside during warmer months. We also offer a fully functional greenhouse, which can help make your gardening efforts more flexible and robust, no matter the season. Whether you use a cabin as your main home or just have room around your home that you want to put to use, these options are great for making the space around your home more versatile.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have – we’re here to help, no matter what your storage needs are.

Written by Carol Stevens, Leland’s Cabins Sales Manager