With more Americans opting for staycations, are you prepared?

Things are finally opening back up, but international travel is still not something most people are comfortable with. Even before this pandemic hit the popularity of staycations was spreading. Whether taking a road trip with your significant other or taking the full minivan out with the wife and kids, staycations are becoming more and more common.

In general, it is cheaper and easier to simply enjoy the things around you rather than travel far from home. An overnight stay in an RV, a nice drive to a bed and breakfast, and even just day trips to some of the sights worth seeing in your area is the new idea for a short vacation.

This is really affecting the way people prepare for travel. If taken advantage of, this could be a great time to spruce up your small business or park and make it more desirable to the staycation cliental.

Do You own a Bed and Breakfast?

Granted, someone taking a long drive and staying overnight at a small bed and breakfast would not expect grand amenities like an Olympic sized swimming pool and multiple restaurants and bars; however, that does not mean you cannot do small things to set you apart from any nearby competition. Here are a few suggestions.


Something as simple as advertising yourself better will help you to reach out to a wider variety of people. Keep in mind you no longer have to put adds out in the penny saver. The internet is a great tool, and you can purchase a domain now for as little as thirty bucks for the first year. You can also hire people cheap to make your website look like it was done by one of the best.

You can even target locals with special pricing if you are in a somewhat populated area. Technology has evolved to the point where you can put a little tag on the flier that can be scanned with a smartphone, and it will take you directly to your website.

Look your Best!

If you are the type of person who owns a bed and breakfast, then you are most likely used to doing things yourself. This should motivate you to add a fresh coat of paint every once in a while. Oil that creaky cabinet, or whatever little touches you can do to make your bed and breakfast Instagram worthy. This can be a way to get free advertising.

Do you own a Campground or RV Park?

Keep it clean:

You are going to want to put systems in place to ensure restrooms stay cleaned and stocked as well as general cleanliness is maintained. Landscaping can be just as important to maintain. You want proper signage to welcome your guests and want your park to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye upon arrival.


This is more for campsites but making sure those who visit feel safe and comfortable is important. Usually, campsites are in nature, and unfortunately there are things in nature that humans do not get along with. Something as simple as a virtual pamphlet can educate your guests of the dangers as well as provide helpful tips on how they can be worry free while staying on your property.

Inventory Control:

It is important to have good systems in place to keep track of inventory no matter what you offer. Everything from a soda machine or vending machine all the way up small eateries need to be ready for a pickup in business. You can not sell what you do not have.

Quality Checks:

If you are going to have an increase in business due to the staycation trend you want to make sure everything is ready and working properly. Everything from bike and boat rentals to RV hookups need to be perfectly maintained. You may need to spend a few bucks updating electrical hook ups or replacing an old canoe or bike, but that is better than them not working or breaking.

Make this New Found Business Work for You

Thanks to staycations, you could potentially have a great upsurge in business. You simply need to be ready. Small improvements both behind the scenes and right out in the open are going to be what sets you apart from the competition. You started whatever business you have so you could make money so be ready to make it.

Simple amenities and facilities will help give your business that WOW factor your guests are looking for. Proper systems and quality checks will have your property looking better than the average competition. Accurate inventory control will ensure you never have too much or too little of everything you supply to help you stand out. I hope these suggestions help you fly high over your competitors.

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