Modular Cabins for Colorado


Searching for the ideal housing solution in Colorado can be an overwhelming task. You have to consider factors such as build time, affordability, and financing options, which could seem stressful. Fortunately, Leland’s Cabins, a certified modular builder in the state, offers a solution with modular certified factory-built cabins. Let’s explore why these cabins are an excellent housing option in Colorado, and how you can have your perfect home delivered to your property.

Shorter Build Time

Leland’s Cabins has a significantly reduced build time compared to traditional site-built homes. The term “modular” refers to the construction process where the cabin is built in a factory-controlled environment. Building in a controlled factory environment ensures a streamlined construction process free from any unexpected delays due to adverse weather conditions. Unlike conventional construction, modular cabins can be completed within a matter of weeks, allowing homeowners to move in faster and start enjoying their new space sooner.

The reduced construction time also translates into lower labor costs throughout the entire building process. This cost-efficiency benefits homeowners by providing an affordable housing solution without compromising on the quality of craftsmanship.

Fantastic Financing Options

Colorado has a modular standard and approval process to ensure that the factory built units are to residential and state standards. Leland’s Cabins is one of the few certified modular cabin companies approved for Colorado. This means that you can obtain a traditional loan for your cabin because it is built to residential standards.

Leland’s Cabins stands out by offering a range of financing options through their preferred lenders. This ensures that potential buyers have access to various mortgage financing solutions, including conventional, FHA (Federal Housing Administration), and VA (Veterans Administration) home loans.

  • Conventional loans are an excellent option for individuals with good credit standing, enabling them to access competitive interest rates. 
  • FHA loans through Leland’s Cabins preferred lenders open the door to homeownership for those with a limited down payment or lower credit scores. These loans often feature lower interest rates and loan term options that can be tailored to meet the buyer’s specific needs.
  • For our esteemed veterans, VA loans offer a comprehensive financing solution that provides numerous benefits, including low down payment requirements, competitive interest rates, and streamlined loan application processes. Leland’s Cabins’ commitment to serving veterans makes their modular cabins an attractive and accessible option for the military community.

This flexibility makes Leland’s Cabins an inclusive housing solution suitable for all potential buyers, regardless of credit history.

Your Colorado Housing Solution

 Leland’s Cabins offers a truly remarkable housing solution in Colorado with modular certified factory-built cabins. Leland’s Cabins is one of the few certified modular cabin companies approved for Colorado, and has cabin sizes range from 400 square feet to over 2000 square feet, from 1 bedroom cabins to 5 bedroom cabins with soaring lofts. You have plenty of floorplans and customizations you can choose from to meet your budget and needs.

Our shorter build time compared to site-built homes ensures a fast and efficient construction process while maintaining high quality. The availability of conventional, FHA, and VA home loan options through their preferred lenders makes owning a modular cabin accessible and affordable for a wide range of potential buyers.

Whether you’re looking to settle near the Rockies, enjoy the vibrant city life of Denver, or find tranquility in the stunning Colorado landscape, Leland’s Cabins’ modular cabins provide an excellent choice for your housing needs. Make the most of the short build time and financial flexibility offered by their preferred lenders, and embark on the journey to finding your dream cabin home in the beautiful state of Colorado.

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