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Starting: mid $70’s

The Brazos is a perfectly compact modular cabin that fits into the category of a small house, smart size living, and compact modular cabin.  This not so tiny home ranges in size from 532 square feet to just under 700 square feet. Options for both a one bedroom or two  bedrooms and one full bath, plus a full kitchen and living area. These are built in both our Texas and Kentucky factory, with a few regional differences.  In Texas, we are able to transport a taller modular cabin, so we build with a 7/12 roof pitch, which allows us to add elements such as a sleeping loft and a front raised side wall for a fantastic feature wall to your certified modular cabin.  In Kentucky, our Amish made cabins have a roof pitch regulated at a 5/12 pitch with the same fantastic not so tiny home floor plans!  We bring this all together with exquisite craftsmanship,  and you have a place to make memories for years to come.

Smart Size Living with your Brazos Prefab Cabin

In an effort to become quirky and cute, even tiny homes quickly become no more budget friendly than their full size counterparts.  The Brazos modular cabins offer a smart size living solution.   This allows you to become smart-sized, not tiny!  A smart size home is built to residential codes and is big enough without being too big!  Just enough space to allow diversity of floor plans to suit your needs rather than not having room to open doors.  A smart size living Brazos cabin allows for privacy, hobbies, and guests – the perfect flexibility for you to be yourself and have what you need rather than fitting into someone else’s idea of how many square feet are ‘enough’.  Move over tiny home, and hello smart size living home!   Contact our experts to find out more information on these prefab cabin floor plans!

The Brazos Floor Plans

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