The Family Cabin

Do you remember going to Uncle Steve and Aunt Bernice’s family cabin to vacation with them that one summer? It was the most boring summer of your life…until the cabin, that is.

You and your family piled into the station wagon and drove for hours. As a kid, it felt like an eternity. Mostly because your little brother spent the time trying his best to annoy you. Sure, you realize now he was just trying to get your attention because you were the cool sibling he looked up to, but at the time you certainly didn’t appreciate his behavior for the bonding experience it was.

Dad didn’t appreciate the resulting noise level from the two of you, either. He threatened to turn the car around and cancel the whole trip if he heard either of you griping one more time. But he didn’t, and you made it.

When your dad turned into the driveway of that cabin, suddenly the whole journey was worth it. Your favorite cousins were already there, anticipating your arrival. They were in their bathing suits and dripping wet from the lake. You rushed to join them, only opening your suitcase enough to get your suit and spew clothes across the room you’d be sharing.

And you didn’t even have to pick those clothes up. Why? Because it was the best vacation ever.


You spent the entire day on the lake, swimming and splashing and playing with your cousins, only stopping to go back to the family cabin for lunch. You made memories there.

And when summer was over, you were sad because you thought it meant you wouldn’t be returning to the cabin until next summer. But then the greatest thing ever happened: your parents decided to have Thanksgiving with your aunt and uncle and the rest of the family at the family cabin.

Space for the Holidays

That Thanksgiving is the one that stands out the most in your memory. You ate too much, of course, stuffing almost an entire pie in somehow. Then you ran, albeit slowly, around outside. You roasted marshmallows in the fire pit instead of swimming because it was too cold, but it was fun too. You made more memories there.

Now, as an adult, you still look back on those times as some of the best in your childhood. Your cousins are all grown, and they still host their immediate families at the family cabin. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cabin of your own to do the same?

Make Your Own Memories

Start a new tradition with a family cabin of your own from Leland’s Cabins. Your family will enjoy making their own memories generation after generation as they return to the cabin for vacations and holidays.

Put the cabin near your favorite lake. Make sure it’s not so far that you’ll have a hard time getting away, but far enough that you’ll feel a million miles away from work, stress, and a full calendar. Choose an area where you can let the kids and grandkids roam free.

If you don’t have a lake near enough, then a cabin in the woods is the next best thing. Or a riverside cabin where you can go to fish and swim and explore the outdoors might be just the thing your family needs.

An Investment in Your Family Cabin

An investment in your family cabin is an investment in your family. It’s the perfect excuse to unplug and spend more time together.

And your investment in your family will pay off for years to come. Trips and experiences are the things kids remember most. It’s what will carry them through to come home again. Give your family the gift that will last a lifetime: give them a place to bond and grow closer to you.

Craftsmen Quality


At Leland’s, our goal is to build a cabin you’ll love that will last a lifetime. Our dedication to that goal is reflected in the names we choose for our cabins, and in the processes, we’ve put in place to ensure their quality.

Your family traditions will have a home in a Leland’s cabin for a long time to come. Investing in a Leland’s cabin for your family will leave a legacy long after you’re gone.

As for choosing which cabin is best for your current and future needs, that might be easier than you think.

Custom Cabins

The best part of any cabin you choose is the help you’ll receive from our team. From our sales specialists to our quality control professionals, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Our team will talk with you to better understand what you need from a cabin. Then it’s time to talk about the options with the cabin you’ve chosen, or to talk about the specifics of each cabin so you can make your selection.

The first step to purchasing any cabin starts with your build site. Choose where you’d like your cabin, and our team can keep local building codes and regulations in mind as we discuss customization options.

Because we build every cabin from start to finish based on our customers’ needs and preferences, we can truly say we offer a cabin for everyone. Our ability to customize each cabin means we rarely sell the same cabin twice.

Do you have a cabin design in mind? You can start by looking at our different cabin models either online or in person at our cabin home showroom in Grandview, and then we can add any level of customization you need. Our cabin specialists will walk you through the finer points and help you weigh the pros and cons of each option.

How will you get your cabin to its new home? We deliver anywhere in Texas. This means that we will see your cabin safely to you.

Are you ready to start making memories in your own family cabin? Let us know. We can talk to you about the process or invite you to come to our cabin showroom to view our cabins and talk with a cabin specialist.