What does a “normal” Thanksgiving look and feel like to you? Family and friends gathered around your kitchen table enjoying pumpkin pie while the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, or your favorite football team plays in the background on the big screen?

Or is it a little more stressful? Rather than filling your mind and heart with thoughts of thankfulness, you find your mind racing – thinking about how long the turkey needs to be in the oven, Black Friday deals, or the fact that your holiday season to-do list keeps getting longer by the day.

Whatever your Thanksgiving normal looks like, we’d like to encourage you to think outside of the box this year by spending your Thanksgiving in the woods with your very own Leland’s Cabin home.

Host in The Perfect Atmosphere

Imagine your beautiful custom-prefab log cabin in the woods. No neighbors, big box stores, or traffic for miles. Your family gathered in the living room playing games, drinking hot apple cider, and laughing in the background. The scent of turkey and pumpkin pie fill the air as you put the finishing touches on the Thanksgiving table and that last dollop of butter on top of the mashed potatoes.

After the last slice of pie is eaten and the final drop of coffee enjoyed, grandma and grandpa decide to shut their eyes for a quick nap on the sofa recliner while the rest of the family heads outside for an adventure.

When you have Thanksgiving in the woods, you can burn off some of those turkey-day calories with a quick game of flag football in the front yard or a walk in the woods as the kids run ahead and find all sorts of forest treasures.

thelodgecabin4 1200x630 - Why not have Thanksgiving in the woods?

Create Memories

Do you remember that Labor Day weekend when you went away with your family to the lake? Of course you do!

That was the weekend when Uncle Sam was attacked by the squirrel hiding in your cabin’s chimney when he tried to start a fire. It was the summer you started to become best friends with your cousin Tim, and the summer that you stayed up until midnight almost every night telling stories around the bonfire, roasting marshmallows and shooting off fireworks.

Those are memories that you’ll hold on to for a lifetime!

Why is getting away together so memorable? Is it because it’s doing something out of the ordinary, so you remember it more than the mundane or typical day to day? Or because time away together is uninterrupted, so you can simply be together? Whatever the reason, why not create memories away together this Thanksgiving?

thelodgecabin5 1200x630 - Why not have Thanksgiving in the woods?

Focus on Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is (believe it or not) about thankfulness. But often times, that sentiment gets put on the back burner with a mountain of holiday stress in front of you. To-do lists, Christmas cards, Black Friday, cleaning, cooking . . . the list goes on and on.

What if, just for a moment, we truly disconnect. Putting aside those nagging to-do lists, shopping, cards, distractions; let’s create a space to focus on true thankfulness.

After all, we’ve been given so much! And unless we create the space to reflect on those things, they often pass us by. We get so caught up in the negative things of this world, that the holidays can often be a depressing time, rather than a time filled with gratitude for what we have.

Let’s live in the present rather than hustle and bustle. Take time to be thankful for all that we’ve been given. Invest in your children, grandchildren, family, and friends. Pass on a lesson to the next generation about what’s truly important.

In choosing one of our nine log cabin models, you’ll have many reasons to be thankful for years to come. A Leland’s cabin is an investment in memories, in family and friends, and in sanity as you retreat to your peaceful cabin in the woods. If you’re ready to have your next holiday at your cabin in the woods, give us a call or fill out our interest form on our website. Welcome home to your Texas log cabin!