When Leland’s Cabins first built the Lone Star cabin, it was the largest model we had ever created with a standard floor plan. Because everything is bigger in Texas, we decided to name it the Lone Star. Since then, we’ve designed even larger modular cabins Texas customers can call home. But we always hold up the Lone Star cabin as an example of some of the finest features we offer.

While Texas has been known as “the Lone Star State” for about 200 years, it only became official in 2015 with a resolution in the state legislature. The Lone Star refers to the Texas state flag, with its vertical blue stripe on the left containing a single white star within, horizontal bars of white over red on the right. And the Lone Star phrase can be found on the state seal too. But if you really want to wow your friends with Texas trivia, inform them that the Lone Star is also the official state gemstone cut of Texas.

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That powerful symbol of the single white, five-pointed star can be traced all the way back to 1819 and a flag carried by the James Long Expedition, early pioneers who tried to free Texas from the Spanish empire. A recent discovery follows the history back even further, to 1817. Coins that were pressed in an area we now call San Antonio depict a five-pointed star, suggesting the image was already used as a symbol for the region even then.

The Lone Star became more common in 1836 when the Republic of Texas proudly flew the flag featuring a five-pointed gold star on a background of deep blue. Three years later, the Texas Congress adopted what we know now as the Lone Star Flag. It became official as the Texas state flag in 1933.

The bravery and pioneering spirit that frontiersmen and women brought to Texas and its founding are traits we celebrate today at Leland’s Cabins. We take great pride in our state’s history, and in the fact that all nine of our cabin models are made here in Texas.

Flexible Design, Reasonable Price

Featuring two bedrooms and two baths, the Lone Star offers flexibility. Use it as a family getaway, where the kids have a space that is separate from yours. We find this works well for maintaining peace and harmony for all. Or bring guests out for a weekend vacation and know that nobody has to trample on another person’s privacy.

We also recommend the Lone Star for artists who crave room for their creativity. Plunk down the Lone Star near a spring, lake, or cluster of trees, and feel the pressures of city life fall away. Writers, painters, sculptors, and musicians can have a designated space for work that’s apart from a sleeping area.

Tour the Lone Star online and see for yourself.

Leland’s offers a range of log cabin sizes, such as The Rio Bravo, which measures in at a lean 216 square feet, and The Lodge with three bedrooms, two baths, and 1,536 square feet of space. But we always come back to the Lone Star as a perfect balance of economy and luxury.

Priced at under $94,000, you can’t beat the savings compared to a traditional home mortgage. The Lone Star’s 832 square feet of space offers an appealing living area as well as a kitchen that lets you stretch out and enjoy cooking. We’ve even included space for a washer and dryer to keep things comfortable and convenient.

All of our log cabin exteriors offer a rustic appearance: you can choose 6-inch cedar split logs or 8-inch hand-hewn logs, as well as more traditional siding. But when you walk through the door, the interior is anything but roughing it. Natural and stylish, our finishes let you present the look that most appeals to your taste. Do you want 8-inch ponderosa pine in a rustic shiplap pattern for your walls? Or would you prefer 8-inch interlocking white pine? Or even white pine with walnut wainscoting?

Customize Your Look, Feel

And we don’t stop there. Looking up, our ceilings come in ponderosa pine, white pine, or metal, and ceiling fans keep the rooms a pleasant temperature. Our floor selections are beautiful as well, with choices ranging from Brazilian walnut to textured or hand-scraped wooden planks.

Continuing the Lone Star’s luxurious feel, our handcrafted kitchen cabinets come in a Shaker style of pine, hickory, or coffee pecan. And the appliances are Frigidaire—you choose whether you want black, white, or stainless steel. Or if you prefer to supply your own, we can accommodate whatever sizes you have. Just sit down with one of our design team members to customize your cabin to fit your lifestyle.

While our Lone Star log cabin hits right in the middle in terms of size and cost, it’s anything but average. Stop by a Leland’s Cabins showroom and walk through the rooms to see for yourself. We invite you to our log cabin supercenter in Grandview—the largest cabin showroom in Texas. You can see for yourself how the Lone Star embodies what we love most about our great state: an independent spirit and a love of the land. Or as we say here at Leland’s: Texas made and Texas proud.