Enjoying The Brazos

Listen closely and you can hear birds in the distance, chattering back and forth. Then you notice the sound of trickling water nearby. The sound of rustling leaves and brush reaches your ears, but it isn’t long before you see the source of all that noise. You soon spot a squirrel running along, looking for its next meal.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the crisp air, and feel the sunshine on your skin. You’re sitting outside, and nearby sits your new prefab log cabin, The Brazos. You’re cleaning fish and feeling satisfied with your catches today. It’s another weekend, and you’ve been happily enjoying the nearby waterway from your cabin that just so happens to be named after another waterway—the Brazos River, that is considered to mark the boundary between East Texas and West Texas.

What could be more enjoyable than this? If you’ve been dreaming of setting up your own getaway, The Brazos can help those dreams become reality.

How to Choose Your Prefab Log Cabin

Do you enjoy the thought of a prefab log cabin out in the woods? When you picture that cabin, what do you see? At Leland’s Cabins in Grandview, we have a cabin showroom where you can come to choose the model that best fits your vision. Come on by and take a look. Walk through each cabin. See the craftsmanship that goes into each one. Pick out your favorite, and talk to one of our cabin specialists.

And don’t worry if there isn’t a cabin that quite fits the bill—we can customize any floor plan to suit your needs. Take a look at The Brazos, for example. We can change the floor plan in a simple but profound way by flipping it from a right-hand to a left-hand layout.

The most important step to choosing your cabin starts with understanding how you’d like to use it. Do you prefer the thought of solitude? If so, then one of the smaller one-bedroom prefab cabins might be a better fit. Or, if you like bringing company or the kids (or grandkids) along, then maybe a two-bedroom prefab cabin such as The Brazos is right for you.

the brazos floor plan web 1024x441 - THE BRAZOS—YOUR NEW PREFAB LOG CABIN


Remember that peaceful image you were imagining earlier? Imagine it with a two-bedroom, one-bath, beautiful prefab log cabin that’s all yours. No wondering who stayed there last, if it will have everything you need, or if you’ll take home any extra critters from your weekend getaway. Instead, The Brazos is all yours to enjoy anytime you’d like.

And you can bring company too. With over 500 square feet, you’ll have space for an indoor board-game marathon on a rainy day, or a poker tournament your opponent won’t soon forget.

You won’t bother each other, either, because the layout of The Brazos puts you and your guests on opposite sides of the cabin. The master bedroom has its own heating and cooling unit, so you’ll always be cool (or warm) and cozy while you sleep. Both bedrooms have their own closets, and you can further economize space in the second bedroom by adding bunkbeds if you’d like. With vaulted ceilings, you have plenty of vertical space to utilize.

And if you get hungry, no problem. The Brazos has a fully appointed kitchen with space for a range and full-size refrigerator. The beautifully handcrafted cabinets will hold anything you need, and there’s even a spot for a stackable washer and dryer.


Happy Customers

At Leland’s Cabins, we focus on producing fine-quality prefab log cabins because we understand that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We also believe in providing the best customer experience. So we work with you every step of the way to provide a smooth process that ends with us delivering your cabin to you.

Here’s what a few customers had to say about Leland’s Cabins:

“The team at Leland’s Cabins are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Stepping into their cabins and tiny homes blew me away with the welcoming atmosphere and quality of craftsmanship. I love their products and their service! Win, win!” — Meg Delagrange

“Leland Cabins was our first stop. [I] was impressed with quality of homes…after a couple stops looking at other options found ourselves back at Leland’s. Sealed the deal with the help of Steven West. Steven was very helpful throughout the process. Love our home The Brazos. All members of the Leland team did a great job. Delivery, leveling, skirting all professionally done.” — Michael Dacus


Largest Cabin Showroom in Texas

Come see the cabins for yourself, and meet our helpful staff. Take a tour through the cabins and find the one that speaks to you. Find the cabin that matches the vision you hold in your mind of your future getaway.

Experience the Leland’s difference.