Think Outside the Box With a Manufactured Cabin

Manufactured Cabins in Texas At Leland’s Cabins, we specialize in manufactured cabins. We build every one here at our headquarters in Grandview, Texas. Why do we do it that way? There are a lot of reasons, but the most important is that we have more control over the quality of each cabin manufactured here instead of on the job site. And more control over the quality means a better product for our customers. Our team of builders is composed of master craftsmen. Each member of the team contributes to the high-quality standards that we adhere to at Leland’s Cabins. [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to get away to your cabin this fall

Your Cabin Home The leaves are changing. The temperatures are dropping just enough that you can bring out the warm, cozy, comfy clothes you love. And the air is filled with something different. Nature is changing directions, not slowing down, and shedding what it doesn’t need for what comes next. To take it all in and enjoy the most of this new season, you need a cabin home. A manufactured log cabin in the woods where you can go to escape and revel in the changing colors and cooler temps. Somewhere you can take those walks and sit on [...]

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Planning a Successful Fall Hunting Trip in Texas

Hunting Trips Starting your day out sitting on the cool ground in the woods, just as the sun is coming up, is less an exercise in patience and more a moment of peaceful anticipation. You’re there waiting for the sun to clear the horizon and the game to come wandering your way. You can almost taste the sausage as you sit there, imaging the deer you’re going to get this year. Most of your hunting trips start and end the same way: You begin anticipating the next year’s trip at the end of this year’s. As your trip comes [...]

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Weekend Getaways: Part One

Our family loves to get away together on the weekends. But staying at hotels and Airbnb’s can get expensive. We have explored many options in search of a smarter way to vacation. Camping We could save money camping, but we are definitely not what you would call “happy campers.” To each his own, but I could never understand why anyone would want to leave all the modern comforts of home to cook dinner over a fire and sleep on a bed that I won’t recover from for over a week of chiropractic care. Bathing in lakes and eating with the [...]

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The Best Fall Cabin Decor

The Best Fall Cabin Decor With fall equinox hitting in late September, when the sun appears to cross the equator on its journey south along the horizon, we officially mark autumn’s arrival. And with it, an uptick in all things made with pumpkin spice. But there’s more to celebrate this gorgeous season than sipping a flavored coffee drink and munching on a funky-tasting pumpkin bagel. At Leland’s Cabins, we love to mark the changing seasons. So as we put away all the trappings of summertime, we’re excited to consider the long list of cabin decorating opportunities that celebrate autumn. What [...]

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A Customizable Prefab Cabin—Is It Really Possible?

Customizable Prefab Cabin You know what you want, but you’re having a hard time finding it. A customizable prefab cabin doesn’t seem to be in the vocabulary of the cabin builders you’ve spoken with. But don’t worry, Leland’s Cabins has you covered. We rarely build the same exact cabin twice, and we perform each build here at our headquarters in Grandview, Texas. We build prefab cabins because it gives us greater control over the quality and the cost involved, which is important to us and to our customers. Helping our customers get the most bang for their buck is one [...]

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The Perfect End to Summer: A Getaway at Your Log Cabin

A Getaway to Your Manufactured Log Cabin The end of summer is upon you. It happens every year, and every year you swear it happened even quicker this year. Every summer, you get caught up in something. And before you know it, you’ve missed your chance to book that summer getaway. Who says you have to keep on repeating the same pattern? You can change it up, and you can do it before next summer. Start a new tradition with an end-of-summer getaway to your very own cabin. No need to book a stay somewhere when you own the [...]

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Why Add a Porch to Your Leland’s Cabin?

Here at Leland’s, we think a lot about the modular cabins Texas builders offer. And we think our nine different models of log cabins offer something for every taste and wallet. But a topic we don’t always talk about is a powerful extension of the cabin: the porch. “Make your front porch a part of your home,” someone once said, “and it will make you a part of the world.” We see porches and decks as an easy win on all sorts of fronts. And our customers do too, as you can see in this testimonial about adding a porch to [...]

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Behind the Build, Part 6: Delivery and Setup

There’s no better feeling than coming home. The sense of calm, relief, peace. When you purchase a prefab log cabin with a Texas-made, Texas-proud builder like Leland’s Cabins, those are just the feelings we want you to have. We aim for that sort of satisfaction with every cabin we make. Take a look at the final steps in our construction process with Part 6 of the “Behind the Build Series,” focusing on delivery and setup of your Leland’s cabin home. From the floors and walls to our log cabin windows, paint, and roof, as we demonstrated in Part 3 [...]

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