When it comes to our cabins’ interiors, we’ve got a lot to talk about. Whether it’s fans hanging from our pine ceilings or the clean lines of our wood-paneled walls, we pay close attention to how customers feel when they step through the front door.

What we haven’t talked enough about is enjoying the outside of a Leland’s Cabins home. We think everybody should be able to pull up a chair, pour a tall glass of iced tea, and survey the scenery from the front porch of their log cabin home. And maybe we’ve got a bad case of Spring Fever, but we’re looking forward to spending more time outside. So that’s why from now until April 30, 2018, when you purchase a custom cabin with us, we’ll throw in a free deck.

Spring Fever at Leland’s: Survey the Scenery from the Front Porch of Your Log Cabin Home

Sound too good to be true? Here’s what we’re thinking. When you explore all nine of our prefab log cabins, you’ll decide on the model that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Maybe you’ll be guided by square footage. Maybe by the number of bathrooms. Or maybe by price point. Whatever model you choose, we want you to be able to enjoy your getaway to the great outdoors. So we’re offering a free deck that fits with your cabin’s style and size.

For purchases over $30,000, Leland’s will throw in a free 4-foot-by-4-foot deck. Economical models like our one-bedroom, one-bathroom The Stag offer both a lean footprint and price. And the slightly larger two-bedroom, one-bath The Brazos provides more space for your to spread out while time still coming in at a manageable cost. Your neighbor’s new truck might cost more than either of these log cabin homes, but he can’t shower in it. We’re proud of these cost-conscious but stylish spaces.

Spring Fever at Leland’s: A Perfect Woodsy Cabin Retreat

When you purchase one of our midrange Leland’s Cabins homes, spending over $50,000, we’ll throw in a free 6×8-foot deck. Consider the one-bedroom, one-bathroom Smokey Bear, which offers nearly 600 square feet of space for you to enjoy. Or try the larger and beautifully designed Settlement Harbor that makes a perfect woodsy retreat for families or anyone who likes to host guests. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom floor plan features over 700 square feet of room, with privacy for everyone. Or consider the popular Lone Star, also with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and offering 832 square feet of room for relaxing and making lifelong memories.

If you’re drawn to our biggest Texas cabin homes, we’ll throw in a 6-foot-by-16-foot deck for customers spending over $100,000. These gorgeous getaways both feature three-bedroom, two-bath floor plans to allow for family escapes into the country or fun-filled hosting of guests for weekend retreats. Check out The Ponderosa, which clocks in at 1,288 square feet, and The Lodge at 1,536 square feet.

These cabins come with all the whistles and bells, and an inviting deck will allow for entertaining both indoors and out. Or if entertaining isn’t on your wish list, a spacious deck leaves plenty of room for setting up a telescope and a few chairs for quiet contemplation of the cosmos.

Spring Fever at Leland’s: Free Decking at No Additional Cost

Not to be forgotten, the smallest of our nine log cabin homes—the 216-square-foot Rio Bravo and the 280-square-foot Chisholm Trail—come with a special offer too. If you spend under $30,000 on your Leland’s Cabins purchase we’ll throw in free front steps. At Leland’s, we’re a family made up of all sizes and shapes, and we don’t want anybody feeling left out.

If your new Texas cabin home is within 100 miles of our cabin supercenter in Grandview, we’ll deliver the free decking at no cost. If it’s over 100 miles away, we’ll need to charge $3 per mile. Once your cabin has been delivered and placed just where you want it, we’ll get to work building your deck. Then it’s up to you to make the iced tea.