Spring Cleaning Your Cabin

You came to the largest cabin showroom in Texas, and you browsed. You looked around and decided you’d take all your favorite features from each cabin and have Leland’s Cabins custom build a cabin of your very own.

The process went smoothly. In no time at all, your custom, prefab log cabin was delivered and you were in it. But that’s been a minute. Or more like a year (or two or three, but who’s counting?).

Now as you look around your beautiful cabin, you find yourself wondering how best to keep it as beautiful as the day it was delivered.

Maintaining Your Cabin Interior

It’s always easier to start at the top and work your way down. It will save you from having to immediately redo things like dusting and sweeping. So here are some tips on maintaining your cabin, from top to bottom.

Spring Cabin Cleaning: Keeping Your Cabin Interior Beautiful: Start at the Top

1. Start at the Top.

Take those curtains down before you add even more dust to them. Throw them in the washer to wash or soak while you work (don’t forget to check the tag for proper care). Once the curtains are down, look up. What do you see? Any smudges on the ceiling? How about cobwebs? Look at the corners of the room. Dust the corners and knock those webs down.

Then you can move on to any ceiling fans or fixtures and molding/trim. Don’t forget the trim around doorways.

2. The Windows to the Walls.

Leland’s Cabins finishes every cabin interior with a triple-sealed, finely sanded wood finish. This makes cleanup and maintenance simple. Just wipe down the walls with your preferred cleaning solution. A damp cloth to get any smudges and catch dust should do the job nicely. No elbow grease required.

If you have an area that’s getting a few more bumps and bruises that you’d like, though, then you might need more than a simple wipe down. Because Leland’s uses real wood, you can sand it down and refinish it if needed. But who wants to do that? It’s a lot of work. A good preventative solution is your best bet.

So take a look at those walls as you’re wiping them down. Are your dining room chairs hitting the wall when pulled out? Install a chair rail to prevent them from hitting the wall. Is the couch all the way against the wall? Pull it out a few inches away from the wall. To keep the couch where you’ve put it, pick up a rubberized, anti-slip shelf liner. Then cut out pieces small enough to fit under the feet of your couch. It should keep it from sliding when someone sits down.

Now, to keep the natural light streaming in uninhibited, it’s time to wipe the dust (and fingerprints) off the windows. A little window cleaner and a microfiber cloth will give you sparkling clear results.

Spring Cabin Cleaning: Keeping Your Cabin Interior Beautiful: the Kitchen

3. The Kitchen.

While you’re dusting, don’t forget the tops of your cabinets and appliances.

Which handcrafted cabinet option did you choose with the purchase of your Leland’s Cabin? Browsing around our showroom—the largest cabin showroom in Texas—you’ll see a beautiful example of each cabinet style we offer. Any Leland’s custom cabinets offer three choices: the Shaker style handcrafted flat panel pine cabinets, the handcrafted rustic hickory cabinets, or the handcrafted coffee pecan cabinets.

Each option is finely sanded and finished, keeping maintenance and cleaning simple. So once you’ve managed the tops of the appliances and cabinets, wiping down the interior and exterior of your cabinets shouldn’t take long at all, and then you can focus on the appliances again.

Get a buddy to move the stove and refrigerator out so you can clean areas you can’t normally get to. And if you need to wipe down the interior of your microwave, there’s a simple method. Grab a microwavable mug. Fill it with water and a splash of vinegar. Then place it in the microwave and cook it on high for about 2 to 3 minutes. The water steams up the interior and the vinegar helps cut through any oil or grease. Wipe down the surfaces when it’s cool enough to touch.

4. Floors.

Which flooring option did you choose with your custom cabin from Leland’s Cabins? Did you choose the Brazilian walnut laminate, the Highlands textured wood planks, or the SpringLoc Handscraped plank?

A laminate or plank floor is like any other wood in that it too can expand when too much moisture is introduced. So whichever flooring option you chose, the best way to clean your floor is with a damp cloth mop. The less moisture you’re introducing to your flooring, the better. A damp cloth is ideal for picking up grime and keeping your wood from swelling.

Spring Cabin Cleaning: Keeping Your Cabin Interior Beautiful: Floors and Walls

Making Every Spring Your Favorite Season

Maybe you haven’t quite made the jump yet, and you’ve only been dreaming of a cabin of your own. You’ve been looking at other sites and seeing what’s involved in maintaining a cabin. The result is you’re a little nervous that the upkeep might be too much.

With a Leland’s Cabin, you will have less upkeep than a traditional house. And because we offer pre-built log cabins made in our workshop by our expert craftsmen, we are confident every cabin customer will experience the quality and resilience of our cabins. We choose carefully what we put into our cabins, which brands we trust, and which items we make ourselves. Come see the quality for yourself.

If you’d like a look at exterior care, check out this article on the Leland’s Times for tips on maintaining the exterior.

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