Log Cabin Recap

In Part 1 of the series, we talked about all the practical reasons why you should buy a cabin. For a quick refresher, here are those reasons all summed up:

  1. Cabins aren’t just a trend. They are here to stay.
  2. Cabins (especially Leland’s) are environmentally friendly.
  3. They are energy-efficient too.
  4. A good cabin is a good investment.
  5. A Leland’s cabin can be customized to be anything you want it to be.

You can purchase a cabin for recreational purposes, as an additional revenue stream as a getaway rental, to become your main residence, or to house that aging family member you need to keep close.

But what about all the other reasons? You know, the ones that aren’t so practical.

1. A cabin can fulfill your childhood imaginings.

Did you ever imagine you were a pioneer living on the land? Did you dream of frolicking in the forest, communing with bunnies and butterflies? Perhaps you were a ship captain, washed ashore to fight to survive in a cabin you made with ingenuity and desperation.

child imagination ship captain - REASONS YOU SHOULD BUY A CABIN, PART 2

2. You can go hide any time you’d like.

Head in the sand, blinders firmly in place, face in a book—you like to ignore the world and escape sometimes. Take a break from it all by creating the perfect place you can’t wait to visit.

Make your escape complete: Don’t order internet service to your new cabin. Put it somewhere remote where cell service is spotty. Then you’ll be able to fully unplug.

3. You’ll have a good excuse to take more vacations.

If your new cabin is your vacation destination, then you’ll have all the reason you’ll need to make sure you visit it often. You have to check on it and mow the grass, right? And while you’re there, you might as well drop a line to the fishing hole, right? Or if it’s hunting season, then you should definitely check your hunting blind to make sure it’s ready for a long weekend. Sight in that rifle while you’re up there. Maybe stick around to see if you put it in the right spot.

If your new cabin is also your new home, then think of the money you’ll be saving with a lower-cost, more energy-efficient home that requires less maintenance. Every penny you save can go straight to your vacation fund.

4. You’ll never have to talk to a nosey neighbor ever again.

Okay, so maybe this one doesn’t automatically come standard with every cabin. But, purchasing a cabin gives you the perfect opportunity to find the most remote, secluded spot you can find that offers everything you want. Then, if you so choose, you can pretend you’re the only human on the planet.

Or maybe you really like getting to know your neighbors and hanging out with them, even the nosey ones. Or perhaps you’re the nosey neighbor. If so, completely ignore this one. You can put your cabin as close to others as you’d like. Or as close as county or city code will allow.

5. You’ll be cool without even trying.

Imagine this scenario for a moment: You’re at a class reunion, and everyone there is talking about how busy and successful they are.

You, being the ultimate cool person you are, talk instead about how you’ve put life into perspective, starting with prioritizing your time. You’re focused on really living and enjoying every moment life has to offer. To that point, you’ve sold your massive house and you’ve purchased a cabin, which, by the way, has a smaller carbon footprint while still allowing for all the usual creature comforts (no composting toilet for you…unless you really want one, then you can certainly add that as an after-market option).

The whole thing makes you sound like a Zen master with an eco-conscious, purposeful life. You’re now the cool kid…adult. We totally meant adult.

lone star 1200x628 - REASONS YOU SHOULD BUY A CABIN, PART 2

6. You’re everybody’s favorite person to vacation with now.

Christmas at a cozy cabin in the woods? Yes, please. Or at least that’s what your family will be saying. Lure everyone to you for the holidays with the promise of a chance to get away and enjoy time together.

Have Leland’s install your cabin next to a lake and watch how many friends and family members book their next vacation with you, at your cabin.

Having a cabin in an idyllic location means your place is always more fun.

7. You can save more money than you can imagine.

Are you thinking about purchasing a cabin as a vacation home? Then think about those friends and family members who would also enjoy staying there. Consider splitting the purchase of the cabin with those friends and family. Work up a calendar and an agreement for how you’ll split the payment, and you’ll each save so much on vacation costs. You’ll have a new vacation home with a fraction of the expense.

Visit Our Cabin Superstore

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And if you don’t find exactly what you’ve envisioned, that’s okay too. Because our highly skilled craftsmen build each cabin from start to finish here in Grandview, we can customize our cabins to match your vision. Our cabin specialists are expertly trained to guide you in choosing the cabin that will be the best match for you.

Come visit us. We’ll start with a conversation about all those practical and impractical reasons you want a cabin.